What taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indication states about you

Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indication? You understand, the most popular character test on the planet? I have actually taken it frequently, beginning in high school as part of a “future profession” workshop, and after that lot of times considering that– on my own or at the demand of a company. My ratings constantly show that I’m an “INFP”– so I have actually jokingly cautioned individuals for years about my “INFP-ness”. Cringe, I understand. Ends up the test is quite cringe, too, as we have actually covered here in the past. In a deep-dive into the test numerous years earlier, Vox calls it “absolutely worthless.” Vox even more discusses:

The Myers-Briggs Type Indication is most likely the most extensively utilized character test on the planet.

About 2 million individuals take it every year, at the wish of business HR departments, colleges, and even federal government firms. The business that produces and markets the test makes around $20 million off it each year.

The only issue? The test is totally worthless.

” There’s simply no proof behind it,” states Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania who’s blogged about the drawbacks of the Myers-Briggs formerly. “The qualities determined by the test have nearly no predictive power on how pleased you’ll remain in a circumstance, how you’ll carry out at your task, or how pleased you’ll remain in your marital relationship.”

So it’s not a surprise that the MBTI is the topic of many jokes. This timeless McSweeney’s piece by Erica Lies and Alex Baia, “What your Myers-Briggs type states about whether you’ll take the Myers-Briggs test”– still makes me laugh. Let’s see what it states about INFP:

INFP: ” The Delicate Druid”– You’ll begin the test, respond to 2 concerns, then get sidetracked by a poetry anthology by William Carlos Williams.

Funny. Click here to see how your Myers-Briggs character type responds to the test.

And here’s another more current McSweeney’s piece that likewise satirizes the MBTI. This time, the topic in concern is your “Michael Myers-Briggs Type.” You understand, Michael Myers, the well-known serial killer from the timeless Halloween movies. Simon Henriques discusses:

The Michael Myers-Briggs Type Indication is an evaluation to assist individuals identify how they view the world and make choices about calmly stabbing innocent teens while using an ugly rubber mask. The MMBTI is structured around 4 dichotomies that each explain a various component of one’s stabbing-related habits and choices.

Now THAT appears quite handy! To read more about your Michael Myers-Briggs Type, click here, and for the remainder of the Vox short article about how the test is doubtful at best, click here

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