An animated classic for iPhone

Casetify has actually been on a roll recently with its formally certified iPhone case styles, with the most recent deriving from its “Lion King” collection.

Signing Up With the USPS, The Workplace, Pokemon, and numerous others is the brand-new set of styles including renowned images from The Lion King We captured 2 of the designs to examine.

The very first of the 2 iPhone cases reveals a shape of Rafiki holding Simba in the air from Pride Rock. What we enjoy about the style of this case, is that it is a semi-transparent orange case that permits the inner MagSafe magnets to shine through. (* )With the positioning of the art work, it looks practically as if the MagSafe ring is the sun backlighting the characters. Simply a great method to use what exists to improve the image.

Embedded MagSafe magnets

The case is a gradient, going more orange on the top and bottom while the center is more yellow. The clear product likewise lets the Apple logo design come through simply a hair.

Pride Rock case

Pride Rock case

It suffices to see it, however insufficient to interfere with the style .

The 2nd case we attempted has the widely known Hakuna Matata scene represented. There’s the animated Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba all smiling back at you in the middle of a lot of foliage. (* )This case too, is clear, this time with a dark green shade to represent the tune’s setting.

Hakuna Matata everybody

When you pick a style, there are 6 case designs to select from. 3 assistance MagSafe, while 3 of them do not. We have the Effect and Ultra Effect cases

Hakuna Matata everyone

Raised corners on the Ultra Effect case

The Pride Rock case is the Effect case while the Hakuna Matata case is the Ultra Effect case. You can see the considerably raised corners of the Ultra Effect case that will even more safeguard your phone in a drop.

Raised corners on the Ultra Impact case

Disappointed are the clear case and the mirror case. The previous assistances MagSafe while the latter does not.

Should you purchase Casetify’s Lion King cases?

We’ll constantly gladly suggest Casetify cases. While they aren’t the most affordable on the marketplace, they are incredibly protective and lock down a few of the most renowned characters and IP.

The case maker has relatively had an effective run with Disney as it has actually currently included a number of other Disney homes like the traditional

Mickey’s Clubhouse

, Star Wars, Up, and Beast’s Inc. 2 of Casetify’s brand-new The Lion King styles If you do not like the initial Lion King, you most likely aren’t going to be rushing to decorate your case with its characters however if you are, Casetify has you covered.

Two of Casetify's new The Lion King designs

The cases are well made, protective, and the printing looks excellent and holds up well over time. In overall, there are 8 styles for the mobile phone cases.

For those that wish to reveal their commitment, Casetify likewise has

Apple Watch

bands, iPad cases, magnetic battery chargers, AirPods cases, and more that sport comparable images. Casetify The Lion King cases– Pros

Renowned scenes from the traditional movie


  • Printing holds up well over time
  • .

  • Several levels of security readily available
  • .

  • MagSafe assistance built-in
  • .

  • Clear cases are a good touch
  • Casetify The Lion King cases– Cons

Ranking: 4.5 out of 5

Where to purchase Casetify’s The Lion King iPhone cases

Purchase your own

The Lion King

case– or device– from Casetify’s site, beginning at $72 for the iPhone 14 series.

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