JSW Energy indications 25-year PPA for 300 MW wind tasks with SECI at 2.94/ kWh tariff

JSW Energy has actually signed a power purchase contract with Solar power Corporation of India Ltd (SECI) for wind tasks amounting to 300 MW.

The PPA is signed for supply of power for a duration of 25 years with a tariff of 2.94 per kilowatt (KWh), JSW Energy stated.

” JSW Renew Energy 3, a wholly-owned step-down subsidiary of JSW Energy, has actually signed PPA with SECI for 300 MW ISTS-connected wind power tasks granted under SECI Tranche-XII,” it stated.

The tasks lie in Maharashtra and anticipated to be commissioned in next 24 months, the business stated.

The business has actually set a target to reach 20 GW capability by 2030 and 10 GW by 2025. With an overall locked-in capability of 9.9 GW, JSW Energy is well positioned to attain its targets well ahead of time.

In addition, the business has actually made a venture into energy storage area and has actually presently secured 3.4 GWh of energy storage capability by ways of battery energy storage system and hydro pumped storage task.


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