What’s New in Teams|May 2023 

Welcome to the May 2023 edition of What’s New in Teams! This month included a lots of fantastic statements from Microsoft Build 2023 Make certain to catch-up on all the fantastic functions that were exposed to make Microsoft and Microsoft Teams the very best location for designers to construct the next-gen of collective apps.

We have an excellent line-up of brand-new functions to reveal. This month brings 32 brand-new functions to Groups. My individual favorites are Avatars for conferences which can provide me a much-needed cam break when I have a complete day of on-camera conferences and Intelligent Fulfilling Wrap-up for Teams Premium users which leverages AI to instantly supply a thorough introduction of your conference, conserving time capturing up and collaborating next actions.

Please check out all the updates and let me understand your ideas! I’ll do my finest to react and address concerns as they turn up.


Teams Phone

Chat and Cooperation

Teams Rooms and Gadgets

IT Admin and Security



Federal Government


Active speaker view in conferences

Speaker view for Groups conferences enables you to easily track the existing active speaker. The active speaker’s video will be rendered at a greater resolution, supplying much better visual clearness. Making use of 16:9 tiles and constant positioning of audio and video individuals on the very same phase guarantees a fluid experience. Toggling videos on or off will not trigger the whole phase to be re-rendered. The primary location designated for the active speaker is likewise made use of for shared material, making it possible for smooth shifts throughout discussions. Speaker View is especially reliable in circumstances with a restricted variety of essential speakers and a big audience, such as city center, trainings, or lectures – specifically from the trainee’s point of view. You can pick the “Speaker view” alternative under “View” in the conference toolbar. This view is not set as a default view.

Active speaker view in meetings.png

More info on active speaker view can be discovered here

Blasphemy filtering on/off control for Live Captions

You now have a brand-new alternative to switch off the blasphemy filtering and have the ability to see the Captions as is. You can manage this alternative by means of Settings in Groups > > Captions and records > > Filter profane words in conference captions.

To turn live captions on, sign up with a conference or begin a call. Select the More icon in the conference toolbar > > Language and speech > > Switch on live captions. To alter the spoken language, click the 3 dots in the live captions pane at the bottom of the screen.

Profanity filtering for Live Captions.png

More info on blasphemy filtering can be discovered here

Assistance Breakout Rooms on VDI
Organizer assistance for Breakout Rooms for VDI users is now allowed. Breakout spaces enable conference organizers to divide primary conferences into smaller sized sessions for concentrated conversations.

Support Breakout Rooms on VDI.png

More info on assistance of breakout spaces on VDI can be discovered here

The brand-new conference wrap-up experience
Microsoft Teams assists you capture up on conference contents from the ‘Information’ tab of a conference, which offers links to the conference records, recording, and any manual notes that were taken. Now, we’re taking it even more with the brand-new and better conference wrap-up experience, offered for all Groups users.

The brand-new conference wrap-up will be offered on the ‘Wrap-up’ tab and will allow you to enjoy the conference recording straight within Groups, along with supply co-created collective conference notes, conference records, and content shared.

new meeting recap experience.png

Avatars for Microsoft Teams
Avatars for Microsoft Teams provides you that much-needed cam break, while still enabling you to work together efficiently. You can include a brand-new layer of option to your conferences and represent yourself the method you desire with personalized avatars and responses.

Teams Phone

Modification call line and car attendant greetings and statements by licensed users
To adjust to altering environments, Groups Phone users require to change their call queue/auto attendant greetings and statements. This is needed more regularly than what the IT helpdesk can normally manage. Now with user handled CQ/AA greetings for Groups end users, licensed users determined by Groups occupant admins can alter greetings and statements for their particular call lines and car attendants without leaving Groups.

Compliance recording for rerouted calls
Organizations who are utilizing compliance recording options incorporated with Groups will now have the ability to make sure that compliance recording policies are preserved when a call is rerouted. Rerouted circumstances consist of forwarded and moved calls, calls rerouted to voicemail, handed over calls, and contact us to call groups. This additional allows companies to regularly follow guidelines, internal policies, and market requirements.

Chat and cooperation

Expanded view for profile card
The broadened view that is currently reside in other M365 experiences, such as Outlook is concerning Groups. From Groups talks, channels, calls or conferences, you can quickly search for richer profile information and find out more about who they are working together with consisting of, call info, task title and their LinkedIn profile and insights, like birthdays or profession updates, assisting form individual connections. You will likewise have the ability to quickly access their associates’ company chart from the profile and when done watching, they can just close and continue where they ended in Groups.

Chat exanded view profile card_insights_notificiations.png

Develop offline conferences in Groups
You can now arrange in-person conferences, like when a conference does not need you to be online, such as individual visit or lunch break. In the Groups calendar, you will have the ability to quickly switch off the online toggle to produce an offline conference. Offline conferences will not consist of chat threads or other conference performances such as the sign up with a conference button or tape-recording abilities.

Create offline meetings in Teams.png

New ‘notes’ tab when developing a basic channel
When developing a brand-new requirement channel in Groups, companies who have actually allowed OneNote, the M365 app for notetaking, will instantly see a brand-new ‘Notes’ tab produced. Each group will have a devoted OneNote workbook within the channel making it simpler for workgroups to smooth work together. Employee will have the ability to include their notes, modify, connect files, recall & & look for channel notes within OneNote on any platform.

New ‘notes’ tab when creating a standard channel.png

A brand-new files app experience in Groups
A brand-new files app experience in Groups consists of an upgraded navigation panel that enables you to find, gain access to, download and quickly share your files and files from your chats, channels, or conferences quicker. The brand-new file app experience in Groups, is now powered by OneDrive, bringing consistency and familiarity with how files are kept, shared, and accessed throughout Microsoft 365.

A new files app experience in Teams.png

Teams Rooms and Gadgets

Track and stop briefly automated firmware updates for Android-based Groups gadgets in the Teams Admin Center
Admins can now quickly track which firmware is being presented through automated updates by means of the Teams Admin Center and when. Furthermore, automated updates can be stopped briefly briefly, enabling time to confirm circumstances and so on. Suitable for Groups Spaces on Android and Android-based Groups Phones, Panels, and screens.

Track and pause automatic firmware updates for Android-based Teams devices in the Teams Admin Center.jpg

Default conference design controls for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android
IT admins can select the default conference design, selecting in between Material just and Material + Gallery when content sharing starts to make sure a standardize experience that is simple for users. Requirement, Premium, and Pro service consumers can likewise select Front Row as the default design.

Default meeting layout controls for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android.png

Broadened, simpler interoperability
Groups Spaces consumers have higher performance and more choices for having efficient conferences with users of other services.
As revealed previously this year, Microsoft Teams Rooms consumers now have another alternative for one-touch Direct Visitor Join through Blue Denims by Verizon. Direct Visitor Join allows BlueJeans Rooms consumers to sign up with a Microsoft Teams conference from a BlueJeans Space by means of more recent Windows and Android-based gadgets. And on the other hand, Groups Spaces consumers will have the ability to sign up with a BlueJeans conference from their Groups Spaces and integrated controller. Find out more about Direct Visitor Join here

Since May 2023, it’s faster and simpler for Cloud Video Interop (CVI) consumers to sign up with Microsoft Teams Rooms conferences thanks to the brand-new SIP visitor sign up with experience. The inconvenience of needing to handle conference collaborates in the welcome will disappear, making your Groups conferences much more smooth. The Teams Rooms platform will make it possible for all 4 licensed CVI partners to provide certified consumers this experience. Find out more about Cloud Video Interop (CVI) partners and offerings here

Yealink MCore Pro Package on Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows

The Yealink 3rd generation MCore Pro package is now offered and licensed for Microsoft Teams. The package includes a small PC, a touch panel, and cordless tenancy sensing unit. The MCore Pro mini-PC deals quicker processing, improved AI functions, supports future upgrades for 3 screens and 21:9 screens with 3 HDMI outputs, and consists of ingrained CEC and EDID codecs for automated display screen control and signal adjustment. It’s coupled with the MTouch Plus touch panel with an extensive 11.6-inch 1080p screen and the RoomSensor cordless tenancy sensing unit that instantly triggers the touch panel and relate to other smart IoT terminals to make it possible for automated check-in, lighting control, and conference room release. Find out more about the Licensed for Microsoft Teams Yealink MCore Pro package here


Shure Microflex ® Advance ™ MXA902 Integrated Conferencing Ceiling Variety with the ANIUSB-MATRIX Audio Network User Interface
A total ceiling-mounted audio service for AV conferencing that’s licensed for Microsoft Teams, the MXA902 integrates a cutting edge variety microphone with an incorporated wide-dispersion speaker, plus IntelliMix ® DSP for natural-sounding speech capture and recreation, in a single system. Easy to release for AV conferencing, with very little setup needed when coupled with the ANIUSB-MATRIX Audio Network User Interface, the MXA902 is a Microsoft Teams Rooms service for medium-sized spaces that offers a quick method to much better noise. Find out more about Shure Teams Fulfilling Spaces options


Virtual front desk on Groups licensed screens
Virtual front desk allows personnel to welcome and serve visitors or workers by means of video contact a Teams Show. It is mainly utilized for virtual reception and helpdesk utilize cases. IT administrators can quickly set up Virtual front desk with contact and routing info. This function is now offered through the Teams Shared Gadget license.

Virtual front desk on Teams certified displays.png

Easier Hotdesking Sign-in with QR Code Update
Reported previously this year, signing into a hotdesking gadget is now quicker with the QR code upgrade that is normally offered for the hotdesking experience on Microsoft Teams Displays. Now when users wish to gain access to individual info while hotdesking with a Groups show, they can just scan a QR code with their cellphones to login and gain access to their conferences, calendar, talks, and files.

Easier Hotdesking Sign-in with QR Code Update.png

Busy-on-busy admin settings now honored on Groups phone gadgets
Within Groups admin center, admins can make it possible for a “hectic on hectic” call setting to likewise reveal on phone gadgets (omitting user-controlled alternative). Hectic on hectic lets you set up how inbound calls are managed when a user is currently in a call or conference or has actually a call put on hold. New or inbound calls can be declined with a hectic signal or can be routed appropriately to the user’s unanswered settings, while the recipient will get a missed out on call notice. Reported last month for desktop and web, this function is now offered on Groups Phone gadgets.

Busy-on-busy admin settings now honored on Teams phone devices.png

Dynamic emergency situation calling improvements on Groups Phone Gadget
If you remain in the United States and Canada, you can now quickly set and verify their emergency situation place in the Calls app on the phone gadget. Reported last month for desktop and web, this essential function is now offered on Groups Phone gadgets.

Dynamic emergency calling enhancements on Teams Phone Devices.png

Jabra Evolve2 30 and 40 SE Headsets
The Jabra Evolve2 30 and 40 Stereo headsets are licensed for Microsoft groups and provide remarkable audio, exceptional sound seclusion, and exceptional convenience. Find Out More about these and other licensed for Microsoft Teams peripherals.

Jabra Evolve2 30 and 40 SE Headsets.png

New Epos cordless headset now licensed for Groups
The EPOS Effect 1060 ANC/1060/1030 series of business headsets are created particularly for open workplace, with EPOS BrainAdapt ™ innovation and voice pickup powered by AI to make certain messages survive crisply and naturally. These headsets promote clearness, convenience and benefit to support concentrated discussions. Readily available now in a range of designs with choices for active sound cancelation, and single- or double-sided Bluetooth. Wired variations are anticipated to be licensed quickly.

New Epos wireless headset now certified for Teams.png

IT Admin and Security

Brand-new widget for unspent Azure usage dedication
Brand-new widget in the Microsoft Teams admin center (TAC) assists admins rapidly see unspent Microsoft Azure usage dedication (MACC) that they can use when making purchase of Groups apps that are Azure advantage eligible. It will just be offered to companies that have an existing MACC arrangement with Microsoft.

Block confidential users’ conference chat checked out gain access to
This function constructs on the capability to obstruct confidential users’ compose gain access to in internal conferences by likewise obstructing confidential users from accessing the chat. This is done by disabling the read gain access to on top of the existing handicapped compose gain access to. IT admins can switch on this setting for internal users from the Teams Admin Center or through PowerShell. Participants in the very same conference who have access to conference chat will be alerted that external individuals may not see chat when this setting is in impact.


Control Panel for Chat
This function will upgrade the existing chat information page to supply more info and assist you quickly discover content shared in the chat.

Call Health Panel
The Call Health Panel in Teams on VDI and web assists you recognize and fix problems you may experience throughout a Groups conference or call. In this view you will get information on your network, audio, screen sharing, and outbound video quality.


App tips by job in In-context Stores
You continuously consider which jobs they require to finish such as developing a study inside Groups. Now, app tips will be arranged by jobs the apps support rather than traditional classifications (efficiency, task management). As an outcome, the brand-new classification will decrease the quantity of time you require to invest finding out about these apps– assisting them to work better. The task-based app tips will be contributed to the Tabs, Messaging Extension, and Bots in-context Shops.

Collective Stageview
With Collective Stageview, app material opens in a brand-new Groups window where you can engage with material and chat with other staff member, side-by-side. Collab Phase lets you share links and work together on material, right from within Groups.

Zero-touch App Install
Microsoft Teams Zero-touch App Install (ZTI) function enables admins and users to simplify the management and use of apps within their companies. ZTI instantly sets up apps on Groups for users after they check in to SaaS apps with Azure advertisement qualifications, while appreciating app gain access to manages set by admins. This lowers manual procedures and administrative expenses. Admins can effortlessly include apps that users have actually utilized beyond Groups, making the most of the worth of existing SaaS licenses. With ZTI, users prevent looking for apps and can continue to utilize the very same tools within Groups to remain in the circulation of work without context changing.

Groups Premium

Microsoft Teams: Virtual Visits two-way lobby chat
Virtual Visits two-way lobby chat to make it possible for customers and facilitators to talk prior to B2C conferences.

Intelligent Fulfilling Wrap-up
Smart wrap-up leverages AI to instantly supply a thorough introduction of your conference, conserving time capturing up and collaborating next actions. You’ll see created conference notes, advised jobs, and customized highlights to assist you rapidly discover the info crucial to you, even if you miss out on the conference. Fulfilling recordings are an extraordinary tool to capture up on conversations you missed out on, however reserving the time to enjoy them in their totality is more than a little difficulty. Browse effectively to the parts of the recording most pertinent to you through customized timeline markers, instantly created chapters based upon PowerPoint Live, and speaker timeline markers With smart wrap-up, you can concentrate on the conference conversation itself and not on catching notes. AI-generated notes enable you to see bottom lines and takeaways after the conference, instantly produced and powered by GPT. And follow-up is simple with AI-generated jobs and action products instantly recommended for you.

Intelligent Meeting Recaps.png

Federal Government

These functions presently offered to Microsoft’s business consumers in multi-tenant cloud environments are now presenting to consumers in the United States Federal Government Neighborhood Cloud (GCC), United States Federal Government Neighborhood Cloud High (GCC-High), and/or the United States Department of Defense (DoD).

Excel Live for GCCH
Excel Live is now offered for GCCH. With “Excel Live,” you can share and work together on an Excel workbook in a conference. This comes in handy when you wish to get work made with your associates in a conference. It effortlessly turns the conference window canvas into an Excel workbook for cooperation without needing to move in between windows or screens. Select the file you wish to share, approve authorizations to conference individuals, and make it possible for all conference individuals to modify the file from the conference window.

Excel Live for GCCH.png

Discover more info about Excel Live here

GCC-H assistance for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android
Teams Rooms on Android and Teams Admin Center performances are now supported ¹ for GCC-H consumers. Now GCC-H occupant consumers can make the most of Microsoft Teams Rooms on both Windows and Android gadgets. Readily available in Requirement, Premium, and Pro licenses.

1. While the majority of functions in the Industrial occupant are likewise in the GCC-H occupant, there are a couple of functions that are not presently offered consisting of Individuals count in conferences, Beginning a White Boards, Reporting an issue, and 1 on 1 call recording.

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