The Number Of Submarine Cables Exist, Anyhow?

TeleGeography’s Submarine Cable Television Map just recently struck a brand-new turning point: illustrating over 550 cable television systems.

Since June 2023, that’s a tremendous 485 in-service systems, with another 70 prepared.

The variety of cable television systems we research study is continuously increasing. This is because of enormous financial investment in this facilities– both along significant paths and to little islands– along with our continuous efforts to track international systems in more information.

Still, the variety of in-service systems is higher now than in any other year within the last 20 years.

What’s consisted of in this count?

We concentrate on publicly-known interactions systems; undersea lines solely committed to power transmission, research study networks, and personal federal government usage are omitted. When cable televisions are retired, we eliminate them from our online map.

In March, I had the possibility to join my associate Greg Bryan on TeleGeography Describes the Web to talk through the cable-tracking procedure.

You can listen to the complete episode over here

What do we indicate by cable television systems?

The variety of cable television systems we track is various from the overall point-to-point connections revealed on the map.

The variety of cable television systems we track is various from the overall point-to-point connections revealed on the map.

Each cable television system is distinctively developed to fit its capability requirements and regional location. As such, it might consist of several sectors or branches, as do over half of the systems on our map.

The distinction in between cable television systems and sectors is most quickly shown in the Atlantic. Although there are just 12 in-service trans-Atlantic cable television systems, 17 sectors in fact cross this path.

This is enabled by systems like Vodafone’s Apollo, which just recently commemorated its 20th birthday. Apollo links the U.S., France, and the U.K. through 2 parallel courses– one North, the other South, and each with their own set of landing stations.

Apollo Cable

Interactive map fans will recognize with our regular monthly cable television trivia We just recently asked map audiences to consider the typical variety of landings per system on the map. Our winner acknowledged the intricacy of subsea system style by properly thinking not 2, not 3, however 5!

If you ‘d like the possibility to win a totally free map through your own understanding of subsea systems, click on this link ( or search for the blue icon in the bottom left corner of the map)

Send the right response and you’ll be gone into to win a totally free submarine cable television map. There’s a brand-new little bit of trivia– and a brand-new possibility to win– monthly.

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