ADU 01161: What is the very best Method to Snuff Out a Drone Battery Fire?

Today’s program has to do with snuffing out a drone battery fire. We eliminate some typical misunderstandings and expose the very best service so that you can avoid any catastrophe.

Our caller for today, Bob tuned in to our previous program, Can You Enter Into Problem for Not Obtaining Your Drone After a Crash? And after eavesdroping, he has actually created a terrific follow-up concern. Bob’s concern has to do with snuffing out a fire brought on by a LiPo drone battery.

On today’s program, you will discover the something that you ought to never ever do if your drone battery ignites. And, to assist Bob out, we enter touch with our buddies at FDNY so that we can suggest the very best possible service. Tune in to learn! Thanks for the fantastic concern, Bob. Fly Safe!

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  • [01:25] Our sponsor for today is Drone U’s PROPS Flight School
  • [02:17] Today’s concern has to do with snuffing out a fire brought on by a LiPo drone battery
  • [03:53] We contacted FDNY to assist Bob out
  • [04:55] What is the very best method to snuff out a fire brought on by a LiPo drone battery?
  • [07:00] What is the something that you should never ever do if your drone battery ignites?

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