A 600-Square-Foot Maximalist Loft Motivated by the Colors and Shapes of Comics

Designer Anthony Authie, the creator of Zyva Studio, copes with his sweetheart and canine in Bagnolet, France. Their 600-square-foot maximalist loft includes all way of riotous color contrasts, it’s a pure surge of shapes, lively shades, and striking furnishings. “In my style, I have actually attempted to operate in humor and a little bit of paradox to challenge the expectations that individuals can have of designers and standard architecture,” states Anthony. The style idea behind the house shows his totally free spirit, with all its shimmer and playfulness, and his enthusiasm for comics.

Zyva Studio designer and creator Anthony Authie.

Yohann Fontaine

For this unexpected universe, the couple established a fresh idea that breaks with standard ideas of what an apartment or condo must be. The flooring is covered with a smooth gray terrazzo, which is duplicated on the tabletop and cooking area counter top, contrasting with the brilliant colors to offer a calm, enchanting aspect. Metal highlights in the cooking area draw attention too. In addition to the basic air of playfulness, the popular culture motivation gets quite granular. The metal fronts of the cabinets admire the outfit used by Mr. Freeze, a bad guy from Joel Schumacher’s Batman & & Robin movie, and all of the cooking area deals with were 3D-printed to look like the spiny turtle shells seen in the Mario Bros. franchise.

French cabinetmaker Maxime Comet’s Outlaw chair is the owner’s preferred piece.

Yohann Fontaine

A narrow staircase behind the cooking area results in the bed room. Here, too, the designer has fun with the dream world– you simply need to look carefully to identify it. As soon as in the bed room, the fantastical energy is tough to neglect, in between the purposefully gaudy “it” piece– a drape with a printed flame concept– and the lively yellow walls. “Picturing this space as a bright, little, and totally glassed-in hut set down in the clouds assists me have gorgeous dreams,” he states. Every element of these 600 square feet is undoubtedly thoroughly considered to show pure delight.

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