Smartflower Solar Evaluation: Beautiful Solar for As Much As $65,000

Smartflower opened and facing forward.

Smartflower photovoltaic panels unfurl in the early morning and track the sun throughout the sky.


In a world filled with numerous rectangle-shaped photovoltaic panels, Smartflower is an unusual, unique solar item. Part energy system and part commercial art setup, it’s basically a big flower built of customized solar modules that open its “petals” and autonomously track the sun all day before closing at sundown.

Smartflower was developed in Vienna in 2014, and a couple of years later on present business CEO James Gordon, who had actually worked for years in the energy market, saw a video online of the system operating. He scheduled a flight to Austria to meet the business and end up getting the circulation rights for Smartflower in the Americas. A number of years later on Gordon purchased the whole business and moved it to Boston.

” I believed it was such a special and various item and visually stunning,” Gordon informed me. “The item itself was motivated by biomimicry; taking a look at a sunflower and how it opens as the sun increases and points the petals to the sun and follows the sun throughout the sky and after that the petals close for the night.”

Can photovoltaic panels conserve you cash?

Intrigued in comprehending the effect solar can have on your home? Go into some standard details listed below, and we’ll quickly offer a totally free quote of your energy cost savings.

What is Smartflower solar?

Smartflower isn’t a science reasonable solar job. It’s a big solar robotic that Gordon states can create approximately 6,500 kilowatt-hours each year and look excellent doing it. The majority of Smartflower’s clients are industrial or institutional customers, however the business likewise works significantly with property owners who have an interest in either a grid-tied or off-grid setup.

How is Smartflower various from standard photovoltaic panels?

A fast look at Smartflower makes it clear how various this solar sculpture is from the photovoltaic panel systems we’re utilized to seeing on roofs or ground-mounted varieties Aside from its appearances, its dual-axis tracking ability permits Smartflower to create approximately 40% more energy than normal repaired photovoltaic panels, Gordon stated.

Although it might look like a more intricate tool, and really remains in numerous methods, Smartflower comes all set to link to the grid or to your off-grid setup in simply a couple of actions.

Up until now, Smartflower has actually been popular for industrial tasks. Gordon states they are frequently utilized by business wishing to display their dedication to sustainability. Smartflowers have actually likewise been released for off-grid usages, consisting of for a whale-watching center in remote Quebec.


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What do I receive from Smartflower?

Smartflower’s solar setups are ground-mounted: The panels, inverter and optional battery belong to one freestanding structure that is provided completely put together. Setup has to do with as near to plug-and-play as any significant solar setup can declare. One Smartflower stands about 16 feet high when its 12 solar petals are completely unfurled. The inverter and optional batteries are housed within the pedestal (the “stem” of the Smartflower).

While you’re spending for the novelty and visual appeals with a Smartflower, it deserves keeping in mind that you will likewise be getting more out of these solar modules than you would in almost any other setup. This is due mainly to the dual-axis tracking ability, however there’s likewise natural cooling ventilation from being 9 feet off the ground versus installed on a roofing that gathers heat from the sun throughout the day.

The system expenses 2 to 3 times as much as the typical property solar setup, so it’s not the perfect option for the kind of customer who’s seeking to take full advantage of energy cost savings. It’s the uncommon premium solar item in a market where the main item is extremely almost a product at this moment. One little excellent news is that Smartflower is qualified for the federal renewable resource tax credit and other rewards.

What solar devices does Smartflower set up?

Smartflower produces approximately 2.5 kilowatts at peak capability from custom-manufactured panels that Gordon states are competitive with the very best on the marketplace in regards to performance. They’re likewise self-cleaning, with brushes on the underside of the panels that clean them two times a day when the petals furl and unfurl.

” By keeping those photovoltaic panels tidy from dirt, pollen, bird droppings, dust … it’s more effective,” he stated.

The Smartflower opens and closes daily, which likewise keeps it from collecting excessive snow, particularly throughout over night storms. Naturally, if it snows throughout the day, you can still run out luck.

The business uses 2 primary items: The grid-connected Smartflower including the self-cleaning, sun-tracking energy station, and the Smartflower Plus, which includes an 11-kilowatt lithium battery and can be grid-tied or completely off-grid.

The Smartflower Plus is an all-in-one plan that consists of an inverter and comes all set to link to whatever center requires powering.

The business likewise uses an “EV” alternative that includes an electrical lorry charging kiosk to the plan.

Smartflower inverters originate from either Fronius or Warm Young boy and will have a performance ranking of 96.5%, stated Gordon. That’s near the highest-performing inverters on the marketplace.

What guarantees does Smartflower provide?

There is a 25-year efficiency service warranty on the panels comparable to what we see throughout the market The inverter has a 10-year service warranty and the system has a two-year service warranty. There is some standard lubrication that requires to be done every year or 2, however Gordon states this is covered by the system service warranty and there is no other upkeep to fret about.

The two-year system service warranty is a bit unexpected offered the price of the system. Your typical solar setup has a craftsmanship service warranty that usually begins at ten years. In fairness, it’s not uncommon for an intricate piece of equipment with a great deal of moving parts that can break down to have much shorter guarantees.

Still, we need to picture some dissatisfied Smartflower owners need to spend for service calls more than 2 years after setup.

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Does Smartflower deal tracking services?

The Smartflower app keeps track of the system’s operation and production. You can likewise manage the system, setting it to open, close, tidy or canopy mode from another location.

The app is readily available in both Apple and Google app shops. It does not yet have any evaluations.

Does Smartflower utilize subcontractors?

While Smartflower setup is considerably less intricate than the typical property roof planetary system, that does not suggest it’s an unimportant tool.

Smartflower weighs over 1,600 pounds, so it will require to be unloaded with some sort of forklift or little crane, however this will be dealt with by an experienced installer. The business deals with a network of dealerships and setup partners around the nation.

Gordon states setting up a Smartflower is equivalent to setting up an irreversible stand-by generator in regards to intricacy (it’s not too intricate for an expert to do in a number of hours). Having a concrete structure all set to install the Smartflower on is not constantly essential, however might be preferred by the consumer.

Setup is easy enough that the business wants to train a house owner’s favored electrical expert or professional to do it, Gordon stated. The training can be done from another location.

Smartflower closed up near a pond.

Smartflower closes when the sun decreases.


Just how much do Smartflower panels cost?

The base Smartflower itself is $39,950 plus setup and shipping charges, and the Smartflower Plus is $65,500 plus shipping and setup. Setup expenses differ by trouble and intricacy of each setup, varying from approximately $3,000 to $7,000, according to Gordon.

If we think about the rate per watt for brand-new planetary systems is normally in the $3-$ 4 variety in 2023 according to nationwide price quotes, then a Smartflower system costs in between 3 and 4 times as much as standard roof solar. Which’s with the 40% bump in energy production from Smartflower’s dual-axis tracking currently factored in.

The map listed below usages pricing information from Setup rates do not represent federal, state or regional rewards. States without readily available information are grayed out.

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What funding choices does Smartflower provide?

Smartflower clients are usually able to cut a look for the system, however the business has actually just recently released a devices funding program for the industrial market and is seeking to execute a property funding program in the next 12 to 24 months. Gordon stated it might be possible to do one-off funding for property owners today in many cases.

Does Smartflower run in my state? How do I purchase?

Smartflower is readily available for setup nearly throughout The United States and Canada.

Gordon states the business is working to broaden its network of installers however will work to discover an installer anywhere it does not currently have actually one trained.


Zooey Liao/ CNET

The buying procedure is as easy as going to the business site and calling them. Anticipate more individualized client service than you would likely get in other places in the solar market.

Due to the plug-and-play nature of the system, expect a much smoother and much shorter purchase and setup procedure than you may experience with a property roof system. You’ll still require to examine required authorizations and consent to run from your energy for a grid-tied system.

Is Smartflower the very best option?

Before thinking about any planetary system, make certain to search, get numerous quotes and do your due diligence to guarantee you have a common sense of what’s out there and how Smartflower is positioned in a market loaded with numerous, numerous choices. Bear in mind that CNET does not straight evaluate any of the devices discussed in this or other solar devices evaluations. We have actually not gone through the buying procedure with Smartflower or other solar business.

Smartflower isn’t going to be the very best option for many people thinking about going solar, which Gordon acknowledges. If you have an interest in making a declaration with your planetary system and possibly motivating others to read more about solar, it may make good sense for you. The devices that comprises a Smartflower, while not the most commonly utilized in the market, gets the job done well. The system is distinctive, extremely effective and can be linked by your regional electrical expert in simply a couple of hours. Bear in mind that you’ll be paying well above the marketplace rate for solar energy for a 1,600-pound self-governing sun-tracking robotic with a two-year service warranty.


A Smartflower unfurls in Paris.


If you remain in a circumstance where you were preparing to set up a ground-mounted scenario anyways, it may be worth taking a more detailed take a look at Smartflower. You may end up with a more effective and appealing system compared to other choices that will likewise be far easier to set up.

Due to the fact that the system can move to deal with the early morning and the night sun, Smartflower is most likely to produce more energy at those times of day compared to repaired varieties oriented south. This might be a benefit as more energies include time-of-use prices that raises rates in the early night. Smartflower might have the ability to balance out more of the high-cost energy than other solar choices. The degree of this benefit will depend upon the set selection a Smartflower is changing, however repaired roof varieties will likely continue to be the more affordable alternative, even with Smartflower’s tracking.

For some clients, there’s extra assurance that they can set up solar without tinkering their roofing, Gordon stated. While solar installers usually ensure setup will not trigger leakages for a variety of years, a ground install may be an appealing alternative to property owners who wish to go solar before changing their roofing systems. Photovoltaic panel can be eliminated and re-installed for roofing repair work, however generally at an expense.

That stated, you’ll undoubtedly wind up paying more per watt than many other choices and require to guarantee you have a platform that can support Smartflower’s weight. And make certain to keep some additional money around to spend for any repair work or upkeep that require to be done after the two-year service warranty on the system’s moving parts goes out.

Smartflower will work best for individuals who enjoy the special appearance or wish to make a noticeable declaration about their energy usage. If you enjoy the appearance and have money to invest however, you will not have the ability to get Smartflower from any other business.


  • Gorgeous style
  • High performance
  • Simple and fast setup


  • Huge price
  • Area needed for setup
  • Brief system service warranty

How we assess solar business

Examining solar business in a hands-on method is tough. Accounting for all the distinctions from job to job is difficult. To offer a valuable evaluation, we concentrated on what we can determine and meaningfully compare amongst business.

We concentrate on 3 containers of requirements: devices, guarantees and service.

Within the devices classification, business get ratings for the panels, inverters and batteries they set up. Guarantees consist of assurances on the panels, craftsmanship and weatherization versus leakages. Business make points for service if they provide a cost match, a significant level of rate openness and a well-rated app for keeping track of solar production. They lose points if there are significant concerns referring to client service (suits, examinations or clear credibilities for inferior service). These concerns will constantly be detailed in the evaluation.

You can checked out a comprehensive take a look at how the scoring breaks down

We do not think about the typical rate of a business’s setups in their rating. This details is tough to discover and difficult to compare throughout service locations (and even roof-to-roof). Business are frequently sluggish to reveal it, too. We likewise neglect quickly discovered however not helpful details like the number of states a business runs in.

Smartflower Frequently Asked Questions

Just how much does a Smartflower photovoltaic panel system expense?

The standard Smartflower 2.5 kilowatt system costs $39,950 plus shipping and setup expenses.

Just how much does a Smartflower Plus cost?

A Smartflower Plus system with an incorporated 11-kilowatt battery is $65,500 plus shipping and setup expenses.

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