Maize rates to rule above MSP, states TNAU

Maize rates are most likely to rule above the minimum assistance rate, according to the TN-IAM Project-funded Rate Forecasting Plan of the Centre for Agricultural and Rural Advancement Researches, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore.

The farm gate rate of excellent quality maize throughout harvest (December 23), will be 2,200-2,300 per quintal, which is greater than the MSP of 2,090 a quintal repaired by the Centre for the 2023-24 crop year. It prompted the farmers to use up “proper marketing choices”.

The Rate Forecasting Plan evaluated maize rates that dominated in the Udumalpet farming fruit and vegetables marketing committee (APMC) backyard market over the previous 27 years.

India produced 34 million tonnes of maize from 10 million hectares in 2023-24 with the efficiency being 3.43 tonnes/hectare. Significant maize-producing states are Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Rajasthan and Bihar.

India exported 0.50 million tonnes of maize in 2023-24. Significant purchasers were Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan and Bhutan.

In Tamil Nadu, maize was cultivated on 0.4 million hectares with production being 2.99 million tonnes in 2022-23. Significant maize-growing districts are Salem, Dindigul, Namakkal, Pudukottai, Tiruppur, Villupuram, Perambalur and Ariyalur.

A boost in the domestic rate of maize decreased the competitiveness in the international market. According to a USDA report, the stock position and domestic usage of maize in India is 2.2 million tonnes and 31.2 million tonnes, respectively, for 2023-24.


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