Unforced errors leading to UK covid disaster

Unforced errors leading to UK covid disaster

My current list of major unforced errors by the Johnson government that have led to the covid disaster that is now 15 months old and shows little sign of letting up.

1.  No enforced quarantine for international travellers, starting in March 2020.

2. Allowing both Liverpool away and home matches in March.

3. Allowing Dido Harding to go ahead with Cheltenham races.

4. Locking down too late in March 2020 and no control over interactional travel during 1st lockdown.

5. Not implementing a full mask policy by March 2020, when aerosols were known to be main rout of transmission.

6. No measures at transport hubs such as airports, railway stations, major bus terminals, e.g., thermal imaging cameras: not perfect, but will stop symptomatic travellers.

7. Failing to beef up NHS testing and instead spaffing cash on private sector testing.

8. After 1st lockdown, continuing to allow international travel, rather than focussing on supressing virus: Scotland was 2 weeks, England ~1 months away in July 2020.

9. Late lockdown in November 2020.

10. Early release of lockdown in December = early Christmas for virus.

11. Continued absence of proper border controls for travellers and one month late in putting India on red list.

12. Reversal of school mask policy, despite deep understanding of aerosol transmission, and no implementation of rules on air exchange determining number of people in a room.

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