ADU 01278: Is it reasonable to tell clients that deliverables will be stored only for a short period of time?

In today’s episode we discuss a topic that most pilot seems to discount for in their service offering and that’s about storing deliverables for clients? Most pilots today provide their final deliverables to their clients via cloud storage to allow a client to download them. Today’s hi-res deliverables could run into GBs of data and this means valuable cloud storage space. So how long should pilots save them for a client who may be busy and forget to download the deliverable?

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Today’s question is from John, who wants to know how long he can keep the deliverables for his client in his cloud storage and if there is an ideal timeline to allow clients to download deliverables. Should John also specify this in his contracts?

Thank you for the wonderful question John. This is one that we havent addressed in our podcasts and a very relevant one for pilots as costs of cloud storage continue to remain high. We address John’s question, with Paul sharing his experience of working with a client who would forget or download deliverables and how Paul had to address frequent requests from the client post the deliverable delete from storage.

Next we discuss how long pilots should keep client deliverable on them and what constitutes a fair time for deliverable storage along with discussing if pilots should be mentioning storage clauses in contracts and looking at the possibility to charge clients for storage. We also discuss how pilots can structure their conversation on the storage topic and how pilots can be better prepared to elaborate on deliverable storage and their expenses involved.

Tune in today to learn more about effective storage of deliverables and how you can improve your client experience on receiving final deliverables.

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[02:45] Today’s show is brought to you by Drone U Don’t Crash Course and new classes by Drone U
[04:16] 2 classes that are being offered for free for members signing up before October 1 – Kara’s class and Paul’s sales class
[6:18] Today’s question on how long should clients have access to final project deliverables.
[7:15] Paul shares his experience working with storing data
[9:43] Should pilots mention a time period to allow clients to download data?
[11:18] Will pilots put off their clients by stating the system for data storage?
[12:08] Offering clients a price for storing data and creating backups
[15:05] How people can prepare for tough questions from clients

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