A Look at Airtel Yearly Plans Before We Enter 2023

A Look at Airtel Yearly Plans Before We Enter 2023

As we say goodbye to 2022 and while we enter the New Year 2023, it’s the perfect time of the year to glance at the yearly recharges. Most users have a month-to-month or quarterly approach to recharge and keep the connectivity going. However, a segment of users also like recharging on a year-to-year basis without the hassles of tracking the plans or benefits in between. There may be instances where certain users wait for the new date to recharge, and as the new year kicks in, it’s the perfect time to plan yearly recharges. Here’s a look at the Bharti Airtel Yearly Recharge Plans:

Airtel Yearly Recharge Plans

As of date, Airtel has three yearly plans, offering 365 days of validity in different price segments.

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Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Data Pack
Recharge Value Rs 3359 Rs 2999 Rs 1799 Rs 301
1 Validity 365 365 365 Existing Pack Validity
2 Data Benefit 2.5 GB/Day 2 GB/Day 24 GB 50 GB
3 Post Quota Speeds at 64 Kbps Post Quota Speeds at 64 Kbps Post Quota charges at 50p/MB Post Quota charges at 50p/MB
4 Voice Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
5 SMS 100 SMS/Day 100 SMS/Day 3600 SMS
6 OTT 1 Year Prime Video ME
7 Disney+ Hotstar Mobile for 1 Year
8 VAS Benefits
8.a Wynk Music Free Wynk Music Free Wynk Music Free Wynk Music Premium
8.b Hellotunes Hellotunes Hellotunes
8.c Apollo 24by7 Circle Apollo 24by7 Circle Apollo 24by7 Circle
8.d FASTag FASTag FASTag

Plan 1 is an all-rounder pack offering 2.5 GB of Data per day with one year of Prime Video ME and Disney+ Hotstar Mobile subscription for one year. The data bundled with this plan is sufficient for decent OTT usage on mobile.

Plan 2 is slightly lower in denomination without OTT benefits and comes bundled with 2 GB of Data per Day, Unlimited Voice usage and 100 SMS per day benefits.

Plan 3 is the minimum or entry-level recharge option for users looking for a year-long validity. This plan is perfect if you are looking for year-long Unlimited Voice benefits with minimal data usage for IM and emails.

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Data Add-on Pack

If you have any unexpected data consumptions or usage scenarios, this Data Add-on pack will rescue you by offering 50 GB of data with the existing pack’s validity. Hence, this pack is like a lifeline for unpredictable data needs during this one-year validity phase. In addition, the pack also comes bundled with Wynk Music Premium yearly subscription for your music needs.

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Airtel Advantage

Existing 4G data plans will work on 5G until the roll-out is complete. This means all 4G plans can be used for 5G data usage till the 5G roll-out is complete. As of date, Airtel 5G plus is available across 21 cities.

You can check out the exact 5G launch details, circles, and locations where Airtel 5G Plus is available in India on the page here.

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As the year ends in a while and while you prepare for any yearly recharge decisions, we hope this article will help you decide on your recharge if you are an Airtel subscriber. As with Airtel, you also experience 5G Plus without any hassles of invite based approach. Airtel 5G Plus now works on all Android and Apple supported 5G devices.

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