ADU 01218: How to Buy An Enterprise-Level Drone Without Going Over Budget

Today’s show is about purchasing the right drone for your business. Can you find a capable enterprise-level drone even if you are a tight budget?

Our caller for today, Cody needs help purchasing a good drone for inspections, thermal imaging, and 3D mapping.  He wants to create exceptional deliverables for his client without exceeding his budget. 

That’s a tough ask, but certainly not an impossible one. 

To help Cody out, we discuss the pros and cons of popular enterprise-level drones like the Inspire 2 and Matric 300. You will learn the various things that you need to watch out for when purchasing a new drone. Additionally, you will also learn how excellent skills and experience can successfully fly complex missions even if you don’t have the latest, most up-to-date equipment.

This is a show you do not want to miss. Thanks for the great question, Cody. Fly Safe!

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  • [01:27] Today’s question is about buying the best drone for  mapping and inspections
  • [03:38] Can you find a good mapping drone if you are on a tight budget? And, can your skills and experience make up for your lack of the latest equipment? 
  • [04:46] Will you incur significantly higher maintenance costs if you are using an enterprise-level drone?
  • [05:12] Will your image resolution significantly differ if you fly farther away?
  • [07:20] Tune in here if you are an Inspire 2 pilot
  • [11:23] Drone U Recommended high configuration thermal camera for the M300
  • [12:20] How bettering your flying skills can help you grow and scale your drone business
  • [14:11] Why you should never over-rely on your sensors. Never.
  • [15:18] Experience vs. Drone Equipment – which is the single-most-important attribute for a successful drone business?

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