Apple Silicon Mac Pro refresh to have the same design as existing 2019 model, says Gurman

Apple kicked off the Apple Silicon transition in November 2020, dropping Intel’s chips to use its own in its Macs. Apple said they were looking at a two-year period to transition all of its Mac products to its own chips, which has already passed. Apple still has one last Mac refresh left — the Mac Pro.

The Mac Pro is supposed to be the most powerful Mac in Apple’s lineup, and while the Mac Studio gets close to it, there’s still a need for an Apple SIlicon treatment for the Mac Pro. Apple is working on it, but it appears we may not get a cosmetic upgrade with the refresh. Mark Gurman, in his latest Power On newsletter, said that the Mac Pro refresh is likely to stick to the existing design.

Same design, no user-upgradeable RAM for the Mac Pro

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