This could be the way Samsung ditches the crease on the Galaxy Z Fold 5

What you need to know

  • Samsung display showed off a new foldable concept device that bends flat inward and outward.
  • The new display has a nearly invisible crease thanks to a waterdrop hinge and is wider than the Z Fold 4.
  • Rumors say the Z Fold 5 will feature a new creaseless display with a waterdrop hinge.

Ever since Samsung started making foldable phones, people have been wondering when the display crease will disappear. Several other companies have made foldable phones with a reduced or nearly invisible display crease, but Samsung has kept with its design for some time since it’s the only company making foldable phones that are also water-resistant.

But, per The Verge (opens in new tab), that could all change with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 if this new display concept from Samsung Display is any indication. This new foldable display concept lets a user bend the display inward and outward, allowing it to fold completely flat in either direction.

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