EDL 001: Elevating Drone Life: Interview with Dave and Jon Schwalm and the mantra for success in drone industry

We are super excited to announce the launch of Elevating Drone Life, our new podcast show hosted by PJ Kirkpatrick, Director of Operations, Drone U.

Elevating Drone Life is a podcast for drone professionals by drone professionals. It is a podcast that takes you on a journey through the exciting and ever-evolving world of drone technology.

Each week, we’ll be speaking with professionals from all walks of the drone industry, Drone U Elite Instructors and members to learn about their experiences, insights, and tips for success. We’ll explore the latest trends in drone technology, dive into real-world applications, and uncover the unique challenges and opportunities facing today’s drone pilots.

Our on first episode today, we interview father-son duo, Dave and Jon Schwalm, from North East Dronez and also Drone U Elite instructors. PJ and Dave and Jon discuss Dave and Jon’s journey in the drone industry, their initial projects, learnings from spending a decade in the drone industry and the mantra for success. Dave and Jon also share golden nuggets, the best practices and their training methodology for flights and missions. Dave also talks about his passion for business and how he goes about getting unique and innovate projects ad their experience of being a Drone U Elite pilot.

Tune in to this show as we explore the fascinating world of drone technology and discover the amazing insights from Dave and Jon career in the drone industry.

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[01:01] Dave and Jon Schwalm introduction and profile
[03:00] Jon speaks about his first drone used for professional missions
[05:11] What were some of Dave and Jon’s early projects?
[08:30] What are some of the best practices that Dave and Jon have learnt over their long career in the drone industry
[11:38] What are some of the training practices that help improve drone flights
[18:07] Dave and Jon share some of the their processes for getting unique drone jobs
[25:02] Learn about Dave and Jon’s experience being a Drone U Elite pilot
[32:40] One piece of advise for drone pilots from Dave and Jon

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