iphone – Can I or can’t I be linked to separate WiFi network while sharing web over WiFi?

On iOS 16 on iPhone 8 I can share web over WiFi, where the phone develops a hotspot (obviously constantly utilizing 2.4 GHz). The phone serves IP addresses over DHCP consisting of setting itself ( 28) as the default path and DNS server on this network.

If I’m not linked to a different WiFi network (according to the Settings app) while shaing web to customers over 2.4 GHz, and consequently effort to link to a 5 GHz WiFi network, the phone alerts me that customers of web sharing will detach if I continue. Fair enough– that’s type of reasonable. The odd thing is that if I have a 5 GHz WiFi network set as link immediately then I will sometimes discover myself linked (?– according to Settings) to that network while sharing web over 2.4 GHz concurrently

Now, which is it? Can I be linked to 5 GHz networks while sharing over 2.4, or can’t I? The circumstance is extremely unclear to me with these combined messages.

It’s bothersome to not understand what’s going on, considering that if I take place to share web over 2.4 GHz to a router/AP that in turn bridges that to its own 5 GHz network, and my phone links to that 5 GHz network … Let’s simply state that the phone’s DHCP server appears to quit working appropriately at that point, and this uncertain habits does not make it less made complex to fix.

The phone has different and fixed IP address on 5 GHz, and furthermore no default path nor DNS, so a minimum of taking a detour to its own web connection by means of WiFi isn’t an issue.

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