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Over 1,600 business, including Adobe, Cisco, Netflix, and more, use Airbrake for its error tracking and application effectiveness tracking (APM) insights. Does this mean that Airbrake is the proper error and effectiveness tracking tool for you? Not constantly, which is why we have in fact developed a list of the leading Airbrake choices for designers and job managers of software application improvement groups.

Our round-up of APM tools includes:

  • Stockpile
  • Bugzilla
  • Jira
  • ClickUp
  • Asana
  • nTask

Why Select An Airbrake Alternative?

Airbrake APM dashboard

Based in the cloud, Airbrake is a highly-rated tool for error and application effectiveness tracking. Great deals of designers call it simple to utilize and flexible thinking about that Airbrake supports 50-plus programs languages, structures, and libraries.

Thanks to its real-time error informs, designers can immediately see when something is inaccurate prior to users determine the problem. Even better, Airbrake notifies designers the particular line of code where the problem exists so they can fix it rapidly. Is Airbrake whatever about discovering errors? No, as it similarly utilizes effectiveness tracking among various metrics such as user total fulfillment, action times, error rates, need rates, and more. With that vital information, designers can see if their code provides the desired user experience and modification properly.

Airbrake sticks out with its error and effectiveness tracking, plus it is incredibly configurable, flexible, and can be extended through great deals of third-party mixes. Why choose an Airbrake alternative, then? Due to the reality that, like any tool, Airbrake has its drawbacks, that consist of:

  • Lack of help for lesser-known structures
  • Non-technical users may find the control board difficult
  • Error reporting may use more extensive information

Some job managers and designers feel that Airbrake is challenging to develop with lesser-known structures which its control board may overwhelm non-technical users. Others feel that Airbrake needs to include more details with its error reporting, plus offer far more mixes. And in concerns to rate, some designers whine that the software application is too pricey and needs more rates options for those on very little budget.

You can learn more about Airbrake’s functions, benefits, powerlessness, and rates in our Airbrake APM Tool Assessment

Alternatives To Airbrake

Now that you see some factors designers, stakeholders, and improvement group job managers may look beyond Airbrake for their error and application effectiveness watching on requirements, here is a list of the leading Airbrake choices that may be a far better appropriate for your group.


Backlog Task Management

Stockpile is a popular tool for tracking bugs, comparable to Airbrake. Nevertheless as a perk, improvement groups can use it to collaborate and deal with jobs.

While pricey, Stockpile can help designers get rid of a variety of birds with one stone. Stockpile has the following functions:

  • Easy to utilize interface
  • Task management
  • Kanban boards
  • Gantt charts

It can help job managers deal with jobs and enhance effectiveness with its simple to utilize interface, tasks and subtasks, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, cumulative functions (feedback, remarks, wikis, file sharing), and third-party mixes. And Stockpile can similarly help designers with bug and issue tracking. Highlights of those capabilities include the ability to develop automatic issue production through email, notifications as updates establish, offer style templates that help groups comprehend what details to tape for each bug, personalized fields, and variations and turning indicate track each release and upgrade. Beyond that, Stockpile similarly utilizes integrated code management that should attract designers too.

You can learn more in our Stockpile Task Management Assessment


Bug Tracking Tool

Bugzilla is open-source software application established by Mozilla to track its own bugs. Now, designers like you can use the software application to do the extremely exact same. In addition to bug tracking, Bugzilla utilizes the following functions:

  • Advanced bug surfing
  • Reproduce bug detection
  • Approval need system
  • Time tracking
  • Integrated area audience

While Bugzilla’s no-cost nature is a plus, its functions make it a possible Airbrake alternative.
It utilizes e-mail notifications, advanced bug search, bug lists in various formats beyond just HTML, established reports through email, talks, reproduce bug detection, and a need system for getting manager sign-offs or specific information, code examination, and so on

Other highlights of Bugzilla’s bug tracking capabilities include time tracking to help designers approximate for the length of time it will need to fix an issue, individual remarks and devices, an area audience, personalized fields and workflows, and a “watch” function that lets you see other designers’ bugs while they are away.


Jira Project Management Dashboard

Although Jira is popular as a task management tool, great deals of designers use the software application for its bug and issue-tracking capabilities, which is why it makes our list of Airbrake choices. Among Jira’s great deals of functions for software application designers are:

  • Task management functions
  • Integrated collaboration tools
  • Issue and bug management
  • Advanced reporting
  • Stockpile tracking

Jira helps designers quickly location, select, and concentrate on issues while offering the power to track each part of the software application improvement cycle. When you determine a bug with Jira, you can establish an issue and consist of all the specifics, such as strength level, descriptions, screenshots, and so on

Caught bugs can then be designated to appropriate worker and concentrated on based upon worth and provided resources. Concentrating on bugs may not be easier, either, as all you need to do is drag and drop them into the to-do column or stockpile.

Jira’s notification system is particularly beneficial for bug tracking. While some bug-tracking software application uses @mentions to keep everyone in the loop, Jira uses more precise and configurable notifications that can inform specific worker as rapidly as a status adjustments. And, to ensure bugs get handled without wasting time, designers can similarly establish Jira to ensure that any new issues get routed to the proper employees as rapidly as they appear.

Other elements to choose Jira as a bug-tracking alternative to Airbrake include smooth automation through easy to use style templates, customized workflows for repairing issues, and mixes with popular third-party dev tools.

Have A Look At our Jira Task Management Software Application Application Assessment to learn more.


ClickUp Project Management Software Review

ClickUp is job management software application that similarly utilizes bug-tracking capabilities. Its mix with GitHub helps software application improvement groups see all of their GitHub activity linked to a task. When items are consisted of, they will get notifications. On the other side, designers can similarly modify GitHub task status directly through ClickUp to avoid context altering. In addition to GitHub mix, ClickUp utilizes these functions:

  • Collaboration incorporated
  • Select bugs to particular designers
  • Performance tracking control board
  • Task dependences
  • Ability to accept community bug submissions

Another aspect ClickUp works well as an Airbrake alternative for bug tracking is its cumulative functions. With the tool, designers can acquire job managers, customer help, stakeholders, design groups, and so on, quickly to discuss bugs without requiring to rely on a variety of third-party apps (email, for example) that may not produce a timely action.

ClickUp makes it fundamental to select bugs to particular or a number of designers, or possibly an entire group. And it similarly has effectiveness and tracking control board to watch on advancement, determine possible traffic congestion, deal with resources, and ensure perfect effectiveness. Consist of automation, task dependences, and the Type view consist of that works as a help desk service by letting designers accept bug submissions from users, and it is easy to see why great deals of use ClickUp as a choice to Airbrake.

Read our ClickUp Task Management Tool Assessment to learn more.


Asana Project Management Review

Asana may have gone far for itself as a task management tool, nevertheless like other Airbrake choices on this list, it similarly works marvels for bug tracking. It has a few of the following functions for designers:

  • Bug-tracking style templates
  • Personalized fields for issue tracking
  • Prioritization for issues and bugs
  • Duplicating tasks

With Asana, designers can get a kick out of a bug-tracking style template, plus establish bug-tracking types. It has personalized fields that similarly help with issue tracking and finding patterns, and offers you the power to concentrate on bugs so essential problems get cared for extremely initially.

Other elements to choose Asana as an Airbrake alternative include a board view appropriate for Active improvement groups, the ability to integrate bug-tracking tasks and establish duplicating tasks to save time, and e-mail mix to perfectly change reported bugs into actionable tasks.

We discuss Asana in greater details in our Asana Task Management Assessment


nTask Bug Tracking

nTask is leading job management software application that utilizes end-to-end issue tracking. With nTask, designers can bid goodbye to old-fashioned spreadsheets, emails, and talk with track bugs and deal with issues, and use a variety of productivity-boosting functions suggested for that specific task rather. In reality, nTask states that by altering to their software application, designers can fix bugs 4 times much quicker. In addition, nTask has the following functions:

  • Adjustable Kanban boards
  • Threat management and mitigation tools
  • Link issues to tasks and jobs
  • Great deals of third-party mixes

How can nTask boost bug tracking and fixing efficiency? With such functions as adjustable Kanban boards, Gantt charts, schedule management and risk mitigation tools, personalized fields, issue types, leading concern option, linking issues to tasks or jobs, collaboration (shared updates, chat, reply in the future, file management), time tracking, and mixes with over 1,000 third-party apps.

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Other Bug Tracking and Application Performance Tracking Software Application Application

Searching for additional bug tracking tools and application effectiveness tracking software application or platforms? Have a look at our guide to the Finest Bug Tracking Software Application Application for more options.

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