DNA to Shut Down 3G Network in Finland Throughout 2023 in Phases

DNA to Shut Down 3G Network in Finland During 2023 in Stages

Finnish telecom organization DNA has really exposed the upcoming shutdown of its 3G Network, with preparations having really been carried out in test and laboratory environments for numerous years. The shutdown of the 3G Network was at first exposed in 2021. The phasing out of the Network will begin location by location after the shutdown of the 3G Network in Hyvinkaa in May 2023. The shutdown will utilize to all services that use simply the 3G Network, which will mostly be altered by 4G and 5G Networks.

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3G Network Shutdown in Stages

According to the VP of Radio Networks at DNA, the shutdown will continue in stages, one location at a time. As quickly as the shutdown task begins, DNA can no longer guarantee the detailed efficiency of the 3G Network throughout the country, although, in some places, the 3G Network may be kept for a long period of time for network service optimization elements.

DNA’s 3G Network in Hyvinkaa serves practically 100 Subscriptions

Utilizing the 3G Network has really decreased considerably in the last couple of years, representing just merely under 1% of mobile details used by DNA’s customers at the end of 2022. In February 2023, practically a hundred subscriptions in Hyvinkaa used 3G details.

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Spectrum to be used for 4G and 5G Networks

The 3G Network to be shut down in Hyvinkaa equates to in security to 4G, so mobile details services will not be jeopardized by the shutdown. The shutdown of the 3G Network will take full advantage of bandwidths that more modern-day network developments can later take control of. At the extremely exact same time, the structure of the Network is structured as the 3G layer is eliminated and resources are taken full advantage of for the improvement of more reliable developments. This will cause an even better user experience of 4G and 5G networks.

DNA 4G Network covers 100% of population in Finland

According to the statement by DNA, more current network developments and base stations are considerably more energy-efficient than 3G in relation to the amount of details moved. DNA’s 4G network presently covers nearly 100% of the population of Finland, and the security of the 5G network was over 80% of the population at the start of 2023.

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Gadgets not ideal with 4G and 5G will fall back to the 2G Network. If the gizmo supports VoLTE, or Voice over LTE, calls will continue to be made over the 4G network. If the phone does not support VoLTE, calls will be relocated to the 2G network after the 3G Network has really been shut down. All of DNA’s 4G and 5G phone methods support VoLTE calls.

The shutdown of the 3G Network of the Finnish Shared Network (SYV), which is owned jointly by DNA and Telia, will begin in Eastern and Northern Finland at the start of 2024.

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