University sites utilizing MediaWiki, TWiki hacked to serve Fortnite spam


Sites of several U.S. universities are serving Fortnite and ‘present card’ spam.

Scientists observed Wiki and documents pages being hosted by universities consisting of Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, UMass Amherst, Northeastern, Caltech, to name a few, were jeopardized.

BleepingComputer verified the harmful project was live, and had actually targeted extra scholastic sites consisting of that of the University of Michigan.

Destructive project hacks university wiki websites

Today, Twitter user g0njxa recognized over a lots sub-domains coming from popular U.S. universities that are serving Fortnite spam.

These sites seem running either TWiki or MediaWiki– the latter being a CMS platform that powers Wikipedia and several Wikimedia sites.

Stanford Wiki site serving spam
Stanford ‘Protege’ job’s wiki website serving Fortnite spam ( BleepingComputer)

These wiki pages, supposedly published by spammers, lure readers into checking out fake websites that declare to be providing ‘ totally free present card,’ ‘Fortnite Bucks,’ and cheats, to name a few digital artifacts.

These domains, nevertheless, load phony Fortnite pages that are successfully phishing types triggering users for qualifications:

Fortnite spam domain
Homepage of a Fortnite spam domain requests for ‘username’ (BleepingComputer)

In other cases, BleepingComputer observed, these websites guaranteed users present cards in exchange for finishing fake studies:

bogus survey sites
Location page asks users to finish ‘studies’ and make present cards ( BleepingComputer)

Europa’s Europass likewise abused

Although the harmful project has mainly targeted university sites constructed with MediaWiki, it appears some federal government sites were likewise struck by very same risk stars.

These consisted of mini-sites hosted by a Brazilian state federal government, along with European Union’s

Particularly, in’s case, it appears spammers are abusing the Europass e-Portfolio service– a task search website that allows potential European citizens to produce and publish their CVs and cover letters as PDFs: Europass website serving Fortnite spam in PDF Europass site serving Fortnite spam in PDF

It stays uncertain what make use of are risk stars leveraging to publish spam pages and PDF files to sites coming from genuine companies.

Last month, MediaWiki launched security updates repairing several vulnerabilities in the platform however none appear straight pertinent to the continuous harmful project.

BleepingComputer is continuing to examine the reason for the problem.

MediaWiki and TWiki sysadmins ought to sweep their sites for spam and harmful material, particularly resources consisting of keywords like ‘present card,’ ‘Fortnite,’ and so on

Users ought to avoid clicking suspicious links within the jeopardized Wiki pages.

We thank risk intelligence expert Gi7w0rm for the suggestion off.

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