ADU 01257: Where can I discover Inspire 1 batteries?

Today’s concern is from Jonathan, who has actually just recently bought an utilized Inspire 1 together with devices and batteries however is discovering the batteries being not able to hold their charge throughout flights and wish to understand where one can discover Inspire 1 batteries and how one can evaluate them.

We initially address Jonathan’s concern if the Inspire 1 batteries he possesses have any life left in them. We then talk where he can discover Inspire 1 batteries and if 9 markets like Amazon and Ebay deserve making use of for buying an Inspire 1 battery.

We explore 2 crucial elements of drone batteries that pilots require to understand about and share the hack of rental services that permit pilots to lease batteries prior to buying them thus permitting pilots to confirm and examine a battery prior to investing $$ on them.

View this brief and fast podcast covering crucial elements of drone batteries that will assist you prevent the stress and anxiety of buying batteries for tradition drones like the Inspire 1.

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[1:20]— Today’s concern on the Inspire 1 battery problems
[2:23]— Examining a battery’s efficiency based upon voltage reading
[2:53]— Inspire 1 batteries on Amazon/Ebay– are they of worth?
[3:25]— 2 things to understand about utilized batteries
[4:17]— Leasing batteries prior to buying used batteries

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