Shift occurs: Blogging about the history of keyboards

He ‘d had a discovery while roaming through the display: Each secret on a keyboard has its own stories. And these stories are not practically calculating innovation, however likewise about individuals who created, utilized, or otherwise engaged with the keyboards.

Take the backspace secret, he discusses: “I like that [the concept of] backspace was initially simply that– a area going backwards. We are utilized to it removing now, however for a a century, removing was its own extremely complicated undertaking. You required to master a Comet eraser, or Wite-Out, or unusual correction tapes, and potentially all of the above … or quit and go back to square one whenever you made a typo.”

ergoLogic FlexPro keyboard
A few of these keyboards are adjustable and others repaired. The ergoLogic FlexPro and the SafeType (listed below) remove pronation of the lower arms in addition to wrist extension.
SafeType three quarters keyboard with side mirrors

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