Unrevealed Tucker Carlson texts tossed Fox News into a panic on eve of trial and required settlement, state experts

If there’s an emerging agreement that Tucker Carlson’s shooting by Fox News had more to do with employer Rupert Murdoch’s individual impulses than anything else, do not undervalue the extremity of Carlson’s misogyny and bigotry and his determination to put it in black and white.

Personal messages sent out by Mr. Carlson that had actually been edited in legal filings revealed him making extremely offending and unrefined remarks that surpassed the inflammatory, frequently racist remarks of his prime-time program and anything revealed in the lead-up to the trial. … It is uncertain why the Fox board and other executives did not understand about the contents of the redacted messages till right before the trial, which was concentrated on whether Fox News had actually intentionally aired incorrect claims about Rule and its ballot devices after the 2020 election. Unredacted parts of the files, consisting of some in which Mr. Carlson spoke derisively about previous President Donald J. Trump, were extensively reported on in the weeks prior to the trial.

Carlson has remarkable things on the record, including him taking a sexual interest in his minor child’s good friends and safeguarding statutory rape Individuals avoid over it (as they make with the majority of his white power things) since to acknowledge its extremity indicates they can’t reasonably cast him as the fairly typical, traditional conservative personality that pleases them. He gets the advantage of the doubt. He gets the right to play. However the absence of responsibility features its own risks.

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