A5: ghost drive possibly suicide

A5: ghost drive possibly suicide

The police are working with a ten-member investigation team to solve the horror crash of the ghost driver in offenburg. Preliminary evidence suggests that the 20-year-old was intentionally driving in the wrong direction and may have wanted to kill himself, police said on monday. But the man did not leave a suicide note. Officers will question friends and family about possible motives and life circumstances. Police expect lengthy investigation. Five people and the ghost driver were killed in the accident on a freeway.

"There is a history. And this one we have to follow up now", the head of the offenburg police, reinhard renter, told the dpa news agency on monday. There is no suicide note. "He did not make it that easy for us." Investigators are also looking into the possibility that it could have been a test drive or driving under the influence of drugs. Renter expects that a final report will not be available until next year. "This year will be no more."

There were no problems with traffic flow or a construction site at the freeway onramp, renter said. "There are no unusual circumstances that could have confused the driver and led him into the wrong lane." It must be assumed that the 20-year-old was deliberately heading in the wrong direction.

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Loscher joins in his ejection from siemens

Loscher joins in his ejection from siemens

"My sole concern is the well-being of siemens and the 370,000 siemens employees who are justifiably proud of their company," loscher told the "bild" newspaper (tuesday). A siemens spokesman explained that it was not true that loscher only wanted to vacate his position on the executive board if cromme also left the control committee at the same time.

Loscher thus clears the way for his successor. After lengthy deliberations, the supervisory board of the DAX-listed company agreed over the weekend to replace the austrian prematurely and issued a succinct statement announcing its intention to vote him out of office on wednesday. Well-informed circles reported that chief financial officer joe kaeser is to take over from loscher. However, the group is still silent on this personnel matter.

The shock waves of the leadership drama also reached berlin. Chancellor angela merkel (CDU) wishes for an end to the turbulences. From the chancellor’s point of view, siemens is a flagship of the german economy, deputy government spokesman georg streiter said on monday. "That’s why it’s important to her that this global company gets back into calm waters again."

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Cooling sold out: in forchheim there are hardly any air-conditioning rates and fans left

cooling sold out: in forchheim there are hardly any air-conditioning rates and fans left

The heat wave continues to keep forchheim in a sweatbox. But those hoping for technical help are currently looking down the tubes: fans and mobile air-conditioning units are sold out at forchheim's DIY stores and electrical retailers – with a few exceptions. "We have sold fans without end. The demand was much higher than we had goods there. The climatic rates were also sold brutally well," says, says matthias kilian, manager of the media store in forchheim.

Table and floor fans, coarse and small air-conditioning units – his customers had cleared his shelves in the past few days. On monday four single stand fans were delivered, after that all cooling electric units are gone. "Nobody could have expected that the heat period would last so long", says kilian.

The expert was also sold out last week. "Every day we have over 70 requests for fans. We received the last 30 on wednesday, but they were sold again after only four hours," explains achim schiele, reports diana krenn, department manager for small goods at expert forchheim. "The fans have, thank god, still been delivered. We did not expect it any more ." Krenn has currently ordered supplies again. But they don't know whether fans can still be supplied at all.

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The grief with the plastic gauze

The grief with the plastic gauze

"What is bavaria's business with plastic bags??" This question was posed by five women and one man during a panel discussion at cafe kitsch in kronach. The CSU women's union of the district had invited the participants, who also wanted to provide sensible approaches for action during this event. Anja weisgerber, chairwoman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the committee on the environment, nature conservation, building and nuclear safety, spoke above all about the new environmental strategies with regard to plastic waste. The pollution of the world's oceans is currently a burning issue in all the media.

More recycling

On the one hand, the eu commission wants to ban certain single-use plastic products, and on the other hand, they want to curb consumption, says weisgerber. The municipalities are also to be given more rights of intervention in the future and are entitled to make certain stipulations. She also spoke about the new packaging law, which will come into force on 1 january 2009.1.The "plastic tute" comes into force in 2019 and has two main objectives: "firstly, to increase the recycling quota, and secondly, to create a new central body that ensures fair competition between market participants."

Above all, the municipalities are to be given a strong hand, as they have been able to make specifications for a coordination agreement with the dual system. But since the pollution comes not only from the EU, but also from other countries, much more needs to be done, especially internationally, weisgerber said. Before one imposes however prohibitions or even taxes on plastic, one must examine exactly whether the european union does not have to make here concrete defaults. "Maybe it would be better to use awareness campaigns, deposit systems and the like to encourage consumers to make more conscious decisions.

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Tsv hirschaid wins “battle of the sexes

Tsv hirschaid wins 'battle of the sexes

For the 100th anniversary of TSV hirschaid, a very special soccer match was initiated. The recently in the district league secured 1. The TSV team received none other than the women’s national league team SC 07 bad neuenahr. This special spectacle was to be a successful start with a colorful supporting program, many beautiful scenes and delighted spectators for a two-week birthday party.

As is so often the case, the idea for this extraordinary day came about rather by chance. A multigenerational swimming competition, with the participation of the organizer dirk van elk, went so well that during the subsequent award ceremony in the rooms of the TSV hirschaid, not only one word was said about the upcoming club birthday. Dirk van elk came up with the idea for something special. With bernd stemmeler, long-time president of the women’s soccer team SC 07 bad neuenahr, he quickly found someone with an open ear and willingness for this event. Unfortunately, he himself could not witness this day, as he passed away last friday after a short but severe illness.

“I heard about it and was deeply touched. I find it all the more impressive that the team from bad neuenahr is still competing and implementing the wish of its president”, according to dirk van elk. In fact, the team around the coaching staff colin bell and ai yoshiizumi had arrived with the well-known faces from the first women’s national league. In tow were among others the current national players almuth schult, leonie maier and the current fubballer of the year celia okoyino da mbabi.

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Election in poland: trzaskowski congratulates duda on victory

Election in poland: trzaskowski congratulates duda on victory

After the runoff election for the office of president in poland, opposition challenger rafal trzaskowski congratulated incumbent andrzej duda on his victory. "May this term be a truly different one," trzaskowski wrote on twitter.

According to the electoral commission, after 99.98 percent of the constituencies were counted, duda received 51.1 percent of the vote, while trzaskowski received just under 48.9 percent. Based on these data, voter turnout was around 68 percent. The electoral commission still lacked the results from five constituencies. The official final result was expected later in the day.

Duda, a 48-year-old lawyer, was supported by the national conservative ruling party pis, which is at odds with the eu commission over its reform policies. Trzaskowski, who has been mayor of warsaw since 2018, had entered the race for the liberal-conservative citizens’ coalition (KO) and ran a pro-european campaign.

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Enjoyment with a drop of bitterness

The lake stage was a wonderful place for a summer serenade. The singing society liederkranz vestenbergsgreuth had invited to the idyllic garden of the culture cafe. Many listeners had accepted the invitation. The guests dispersed in groups at the cozy places. Under shady trees and pavilions, amidst flowers and greenery, it is pleasant to enjoy coffee and cake on this summer day. From the lake came the music of the village musicians and the guitar group "saitengwerch". From the neighboring communities, the lonnerstadt choir and the schornweisach choir had come to the concert. Classical choruses and beautiful old folk songs were mostly what fit so well in this environment. But also "money, money" from abba, sung by the schornweisach singing group, was well received by the audience.

Liederkranz chairwoman katharina fochler was pleased to be able to bury group chairwoman emilie meier and her husband manfred as well as group choir director ingrid geyer among the guests. Of course, mayor helmut lottes and his wife did not miss the serenade either.

How to go on now?

However, there was a drop of bitterness in the beautiful musical summer afternoon: it was the farewell concert for friedemann grau, the long-time musical director of the vestenbergsgreuth choir. "Yes, we no longer have a choir director", regretted the liederkranz chairwoman katharina fochler. The choir currently consists of 18 singers. 2007 already saw the celebration of the choir’s 100th anniversary.

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The millet … Not bad at all!

The millet ... Not bad at all!

Brigitte krause with the many self-proclaimed "specialists" father and son schneider in the bischofsheim district of zeil do not have it so badly. Today, everyone in the social media is talking about how the "good" one what agriculture must look like. That sucks. However, the two farmers are concerned about what a skilled master farmer actually takes into account and knows about his profession, and they are neither aware of it nor do they value it. They were quite skeptical about the bee-people petition. For the ways in which environmental toxins enter nature today are manifold. Far from everything is the farmer’s fault.

And if you look across europe and beyond, german farmers are basically in a much better position than they are given credit for in the country.

However. The referendum has had an effect: rape has declined massively as a field crop, not only are the seeds coated with neonicotinoids (so that they are not eaten), rape also needs more chemical support, it has many enemies.

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Court: “reichsburgers” not allowed to own weapons

Court: 'reichsburgers' not allowed to own weapons

Followers of the "reichsburger" scene are not allowed to possess weapons after a court order. Those who follow their ideology and reject the federal republic and its legal system "give reason to fear that they will also not strictly follow the regulations of the weapons law".

Members and sympathizers of the movement are "in principle to be regarded as unreliable in terms of weapons law", the administrative court of gieben announced.

In a summary proceeding, the judges confirmed the opinion of the weapons authority of the district of marburg-biedenkopf, which had revoked the weapons permit of a suspected scene supporter on the grounds of unreliability. The court decision is of fundamental importance, a spokeswoman said. However, the decision is not yet legally binding.

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Professional musicians found drum school in hallstadt

professional musicians found drum school in hallstadt

Norbert weinhold drums for the cellar squad, with which the rapping folk musicians positioned themselves on rough festival stages as well as in the rotation of mtv and viva. Meanwhile, christoph laubender was swinging the sticks as a freelancer for bands like deichkind or sasha: references, the "insight-drums" benefit. That's what the french called their drum school, where ambitious youngsters can now learn the necessary knowhow from professionals, so that they can maybe play at open airs like "rock am ring" one day on the piano.

Discovered in a church
With a love of music in his genes, christoph laubender grew up in a "classically minded" school family on. With restrained enthusiasm the hofheimer practiced on the piano. All fingerings on black-and-white keys ended after a vacation, during which the twelve-year-old discovered the instrument that has accompanied him ever since: "in a church, of all places, i discovered an abandoned drum kit. I hit it – and it was all over me", says the now 39-year-old. That same year, schuler played in his first band – not unlike norbert weinhold, who immediately proved his clout in the hard rock field. The munich drum school "drummer's focus" brought the two musicians from lower franconia together on the isar, who are now passing on their theoretical and practical stage experience to the next generation in upper franconia.

"We teach interested people – from beginners to professionals – in all styles of modern drumming", says laubender. An accentuation, with which "insight-drums" can be used different from the classically oriented education of state institutions. "We don't work with students to prepare them for classical orchestra work", says laubender. It was more a matter of qualifying them for stage appearances with bands – from jazz to hip hop, rock and pop to metal. "Some musicians can hardly cope with the dynamics that are increasingly required."

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