Art exhibition in the home

Art exhibition in the home

Under the title "art meets living(t)space"!" The property of the metz couple in the lindenstrabe in langenleiten is presented in the brochure of the kreuzberg alliance.

The art couple heike and klaus metz use the former barn of the present, after extensive reconstruction today as a living and exhibition space for their own artworks. The bright and friendly, yet warm and cozy ambience provides the ideal backdrop for effectively showcasing the art they have created in their own homes. The works of art are created in a workshop on the same plot of land. The parents and klaus metz live in the front building, a historic half-timbered house dating from 1912. Thus, the property also fulfills the function of a modern multigenerational house.
The metz couple is also one of the winners of the kreuzbergallianz redevelopment prize. Three particularly successful examples of redevelopment that correspond to the guiding principle of inner development were honored by the kreuzbergallianz. The award winners received prize money and a plaque to display on their building in recognition of the exemplary nature of their presence. The other prize winners are: brigitte zirkelbach and christoph kebler from schonau, viktor and claudia schuhmacher from ginolfs.

Informative brochure

All three prize winners are also featured in the latest brochure on inner city development. 24 pages show the advantages of not building your dream home on the edge of town on the "green meadow", but in the settlement or in the. To realize in the inner town. This decision not only makes a significant contribution to the preservation and attractiveness of the home towns, but the owners of the properties also benefit from advantages that are not offered in the new construction area. From a unique residential ambience with individual charm, to fast and good accessibility of utilities, to financial requirements for remodeling and renovation measures.
All in all, ten positive examples from all alliance communities show the many possibilities for realizing the dream of living in the inner city. All owners have allowed a look behind the scenes, so there are not only appealing photos but also impressions and impulses to the implemented tree removals. Whether it's an old half-timbered house, a vacation home or a barn conversion – it's always a question of preserving old buildings and combining them with modern elements to create attractive and contemporary living comfort.
"A new building was never an option for us, we need a living space that also inspires us artistically", metz explained. They are willing to show their property to interested people and also to give tips and hints to those who want to rebuild. "We appreciate the high quality of life, the unobstructed view into the nature and the good neighborhood. We have paradise here, the metz are in agreement.
The interior development brochure is available free of charge at the town halls of the member communities and at the kreuzbergallianz office. 

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