Backing for wagner sisters

Backing for wagner sisters

"There were service contracts with a term of 30 years or for productions whose realization lay in the distant future", schmid told the "nordbayerischer kurier" newspaper (SATURDAY.). "And for this reason alone, the criticism that is repeatedly leveled at katharina wagner and eva wagner-pasquier is unfair and unobjective."

In the fall, there will be talks with the two festival directors about the future. The contracts end in 2015. Schmid did not comment on other possible candidates. Representatives of the federal government, the state, the city and the "society of friends of bayreuth" sit on the festival's board of directors.

The festival is in the spotlight this year – 200 years after the death of the composer richard wagner, the festival is presenting a new production of the "ring of the nibelungs" in the anniversary year. In recent years, new productions at the grunen hugel in particular have repeatedly come in for criticism. Some historians also accused the great-granddaughters of the composer of a lack of interest in coming to terms with the history of the festival and the family during the nazi era, and the federal audit office objected to the allocation of tickets.

Bayreuth had not been in the red, schmid now emphasized: "on the contrary. They have finished every year with a black zero, and they have managed to get the coming "ring" to be financed from onboard funds. This has never been possible before." In their first three years in office, the two directors had been audited six times by the court of auditors. "No company in germany is audited so frequently and so closely. None! And no theater either. I am surprised that no one has made a public fuss about this yet." 

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