Brose wants to renew itself all around

Brose wants to renew itself all around

Max brose is and remains the rough model of michael stoschek, today's chairman of the brose group's shareholders' meeting. When the 100th anniversary was celebrated on saturday. When the coburg brose plant celebrated its 50th birthday, there were numerous anecdotes about the company founder – for example this one: max brose, who always had an open ear for his workers, sometimes sat down next to one of his machines for two hours in order to better understand processes – and perhaps to be able to optimize these processes afterwards. Now that brose is once again facing some tough challenges, it seems that the company is more committed than ever to the original philosophy of max brose.

Staying competitive!

Today, no one from the top management level has to sit down next to a machine for hours on end. But in a figurative sense, this is also the task of the consulting firm mckinsey, which was brought in and commissioned with a three-year program in the fall of 2018. According to stoschek, the goal is clear: "it is about analyzing our economic and technological competitiveness." Irrespective of this analysis, however, he already has his own ideas about where the journey should go: "it is important to me that brose remains an attractive, agile and transparent family company even with further growth, whose management also has a heart for the employees in production"." The latter raises the question of whether brose has not always had a heart for its production workers in recent times? Michael stoschek said the following interesting sentence at another point in his speech: "since i have no longer been at the helm of the company since 2006, i have hardly any contact with our employees, and many things that have developed in our company over the past 13 years are unfamiliar to me." In 2006, stoschek handed over the chairmanship to jurgen otto; he left the company in november 2017, and was succeeded by kurt sauernheimer.

Downsizing to eastern europe

Stoschek considers both the "future brose" program and the for important as well as the ten percent global cost reduction already recommended by mckinsey. In principle, however, as he said on saturday, he would also like to see the "leadership culture" improve in the company "readjusted he said.

Kurt sauernheimer was responsible for providing a few insights into the "future brose" program (see info at end of text). This program is important above all to "narrow the gap to eastern europe". Because on the local market, some of the competitors were able to produce for only one-third of the labor costs. This was one of the reasons for the discussion last year about the extent to which the coburg production site could still be made economically viable. Kurt sauernheimer made it clear: "we must take further steps to make coburg fit for the future." He also conceded, however, that the "creative solutions" were not enough, which has to be found "certainly also lead to strains" become. That's why trust is needed among all those involved. With a view to the company's 100-year history in coburg, however, sauernheimer was confident: "brose has survived more difficult situations in its history!"

What is "future brose?

Background to what kurt sauernheimer called "the biggest renewal program in the company's history", he said contains three fields of action: 1. Profitable growth in the core business of the brose group to be driven forward. 2. Costs in the brose organization are to be reduced, in particular by making structures and processes more efficient. 3. Innovative strength is to be increased, both for existing and new products and processes.

Background: what an expert and the mayor of coburg have to say about brose

There are some special features in the organization of the brose group. For example, since the 1970s, a "constitution" has included it is regulated that the interests of the company must always be put before those of the owners – for example, even when it comes to withdrawals. The current five-member shareholders' meeting is advised by an advisory board made up of renowned and independent experts. In the event of a stalemate between the stoschek and volkmann shareholder families, the opinion of the advisory board would be decisive. "Fortunately, this has not been necessary in the past decades", michael stoschek said at the reception.

The same advisory board came to the reception in the person of prof. Dr. Thomas weber has his say. The 65-year-old has held numerous management positions at daimler and is always impressed when he visits brose. This starts with the architecture: "so bright and with lots of glass", he said, and on saturday he took a look around the foyer of building 25 "this is where the future can take place"!" The "future brose" program is expressly buried by him: "yes, everything has to be reviewed!" Because: "nothing works without competitive ability!" But he was very confident that the success story of brose can be continued. At the next international automotive exhibition, the company will show "what brose is capable of". At the same time, weber appealed to the entire brose family to remain ambitious: "please don't lose the ambition to be the best."

Max brose in a gray mercedes

Coburg's mayor norbert tessmer (SPD) also had words of appreciation to offer. "I am impressed by the brose success story", he said and revealed that he also had a very personal memory of the company founder: "i grew up on the marienberg – and max brose always drove past our house in his gray mercedes 220"!"

But back to the present: tessmer emphasized that the city is "happy and grateful" not only for this reason is to have brose because the company pays business tax. "Brose also gives many people a perspective and assumes social responsibility." He cited the "brose kids club" as an example, which is currently even being expanded. Tessmer sees the fact that brose intends to invest a total of three-digit millions at its home base over the next few years as a "clear commitment to coburg". Tessmer thanked brose for his "loyalty to the location".

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