Driving instructor striegel: stay cool

driving instructor striegel: stay cool

1. "People should listen to the traffic radio", says heike striegel. It’s best to do this before you get on the highway, so you know what’s going on.

2. And then it’s a case of "drive with as much foresight as possible, especially on the freeway." Because: "if I look far ahead, I see something like that in time and can react."

3. If it should actually happen that a ghost rider comes along, the motto is: "stay cool, don’t panic – that’s what I always say to my people." And: reduce tempo.

4. Don’t fixate on the wrong driver, but aim for a gap, otherwise it’s like a tree standing alone in the meadow: "you fixate on it, and the probability of hitting it is relatively high." So: "rather look, where can i go?"

5. When steering: "don’t reach into the steering wheel from the inside, I see that often, but I can’t react like that. If you have to change lanes first, you don’t have a second to react on the highway."

6. Most important tip: "drive on the right as much as possible, then i also have the breakdown lane and can therefore try to get away on the left or the right." If the possibility exists to stop at a rest area.

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