Ecuador and russia allegedly negotiating about snowden

Ecuador and russia allegedly negotiating about snowden

Ecuadorian authorities, where snowden applied for asylum, have been negotiating with russia over the 30-year-old’s fate, state broadcaster rossiya 24 reported on saturday. Aubenminister ricardo patino personally intervened in the speech.

The andean state had stressed that snowden must be on ecuador’s soil to be recognized as a refugee. According to experts, this could also be the embassy of the south american country in moscow. However, the U.S. Citizen, who has been in the transit area of moscow’s sheremetyevo airport since last sunday, had to cross the russian border to do so. U.S. Authorities, however, have canceled snowden’s passport. USA demands extradition from russia of the "traitor" who arrived from hong kong.

Russian aube politician alexei pushkov called the case "tragic". Snowden apparently dreamed "as an idealist" that democracy would triumph after his disclosures, the head of the foreign affairs committee in the state duma wrote on twitter. "But life and the u.S. Are tougher than a hollywood movie."

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