France switzerland: two climbers injured in crash on the “eibenwanden

france switzerland: two climbers injured in crash on the 'eibenwanden

To the so-called “yew walls a climbing accident occurred near gobweinstein on sunday evening. A 49-year-old climber fell from a height of about four meters, tore his belays out of the rock and collided with the 45-year-old belayer on the ground.

Both suffered serious injuries and were taken to hospital, as reported by the ebermannstadt police department.

The erlangen mountain rescue team was on the scene after their report at 17.30 o’clock to the climbing accident were alerted. She drove from her base in veilbronn with three rescue workers. A climber had presumably fallen in the lead and his intermediate belays had failed, causing him to fall on his belay partner. One of the climbers injured his back, the other his ankle.

When the mountain rescue team arrived, the rescue helicopter "christoph 20" was just setting down from bayreuth for landing, which had been sent to the scene as an emergency ambulance. The first aid was provided by the helpers on site (HVO) gobweinstein, the mountain rescue furth and the emergency doctor, as the mountain rescue forchheim reported further. The mountain rescuers went with mountain stretcher, mountain bag and static rope set to the wandfub of the "eibenwande". The patients were transferred by shovel stretcher into the mountain bag and then with two mountain stretchers to the hotel "stempferhof" waiting rescue service vehicles. With the prevailing temperatures, the removal was a sweaty affair on the narrow path along the "eibenwanden". At one point, the mountain carriers had to be lowered across the forest with the static rope, as the narrow path was too steep. In addition to the mountain rescue team forchheim, the mountain rescue teams erlangen, furth and pottenstein, as well as the ambulance from ebermannstadt, the emergency doctor of the ASB grafenberg, the rescue helicopter "christoph 20" were also involved and the police ebermannstadt.

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