Frankish cuisine becomes scarce

frankish cuisine becomes scarce

Klaus-peter gabelein that’s it! Schauferla off – beer off – schnapps off – lights off – end! On friday evening, regulars and regular customers of the "zum roten ochsen" restaurant in herzogenaurach’s city center, a fond farewell is in store. After more than 16 years, the lessee, the "max, as max weib was called by his guests, the popular diner on the market square closed down. And once again there is perplexity and almost despair among the original herzogenaurachers because of the increasing pub death in the city center. With the end of the "ox a piece of tavern tradition also comes to an end – at least for the time being, because the owner of the house plans further a gastronomic use.

"Where can you still get french food in the city center??" The question is justified. Only in the "fresh spring in the future, this will be possible at the galster family, otherwise you will have to go to the other parts of town, to burgstall (gasthaus bar), dondorflein (gaststatte pfister) or niederndorf (hamper family) – and that’s it for original french cuisine. In the course of the year the popular inn in beutelsdorf also closed down, in haundorf in the "blaue traube is only very sporadically opened and "cooked up" will be at the most at the kirchweih there. And then there is the "bayerischer hof", but the host "emmi has also only limited opened.

How was that 20, 30 years ago or even 40 years ago? In the main street you could still eat a crispy roast pork in the restaurant, the "krone" was the "noblest local and in the "weiben hahn locals and guests praised the food from the "black henna", as the smart landlady was jokingly called. Years and decades ago, the "wari" still existed, the restaurant wittmann in the hans-sachs-strabe, the "tenne in the back alley at the corner of engelgasse or the "ansbacher tor" with german kuche. In the polster-brau-stuberl at the end of the west main street cooked the couple amon, which has also offered in the FC-home for many years best french food. The list of local love still continues to grow.

Changed taste

What use is it if the bavarian state government makes "schafkopfen" a school subject? When soon there will be no more inns where you can "play cards" can, if (hopefully not) perhaps also the hellers hans in the hauptstrabe still schlieben will? Gone are the days when there were five inns between the towers alone until the post-war period, when there was still the "steigerwald" in the engelgasse, the "chestnut tree" at the beginning of the bamberger strabe, the club house as well as the volkshaus as dining and club pubs has given! Of course, tastes have changed: italian and greek cuisine, japanese dishes or exotic foods are on the lunch table today – but with the pork or sour roast, the "sour knochla", rouladen with dumplings, cabbage rolls or other typical french delicacies could one day be a thing of the past.

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