Highest penalty so far: gun handler sentenced for munich rampage

Highest penalty so far: gun handler sentenced for munich rampage

It is the climax of an emotional trial in munich: the man who sold the gun for the munich rampage was sentenced to seven years in prison on friday. It is, according to the munich public prosecutor's office, the highest penalty ever for an illegal gun trafficker. For the bereaved families of the nine fatal victims, this changes little.

Munich rampage: gun dealer confesses and apologizes to victims
for 21 days, the survivors of the nine victims of the munich rampage faced off against the 33-year-old man who had given the gun to the shooter for his bloody deed of 22 years ago. July 2016 sold. David S., the man who ran amok, shot himself shortly afterwards and thus escaped responsibility. For more than 100 hours, philipp K. Sat in the dock at the munich regional court., his gun dealer. Most of the time he remained impassive and silent.

He breaks his silence at the verdict

On friday, the day of the sentencing, the 33-year-old man from marburg breaks his silence: "i'm sorry, i never wanted this", he says in the direction of the survivors. But most of the 25 members of the jury do not hear these words anymore. They left the courtroom in unison, even before the two defenders of the native kolner had begun with their pladoyers. And so judge frank zimmer also speaks his verdict a few hours later in front of almost empty benches of the nebenklage.

Highest penalty so far for weapons trafficker

For seven years philipp K. Behind bars – for involuntary manslaughter in nine cases, involuntary bodily injury in five cases and various weapons law violations. According to the munich public prosecutor's office, this is the first time that an illegal arms seller has been held responsible for a crime in this mabe, saying that this sends a signal to the members, but also to other arms dealers who are still active in the darknet. Although this is certainly a unique case.

The chamber justifies its verdict for almost three hours. In ten paragraphs, judge zimmer explains what spoke for and against the defendant. His confession right at the beginning of the trial in august 2017, the remorse at the end and the good cooperation of the defendant with the hessian and bavarian authorities – all this had the court in favor of philipp K. Weighted, says room.

Professional trafficking on the darknet

The accused had traded professionally in the darknet with firearms, had involved his then pregnant girlfriend, had been driven by greed for money. "He has lived from the gun trade and tested whether he should get into the narcotics trade", explains zimmer.
Around 4500 euro had philipp K. By david S. For a glock 17 pistol and more than 450 rounds of ammunition required. An extortionate price, according to the judge, the S. According to the report, he was only willing to pay out of sheer desperation. For a year, the 18-year-old had been searching for a suitable weapon and for what he considered to be the right time to do it. For the rampage he chose the same type of weapon and the fifth anniversary of the assassination of the extreme right-wing norwegian mass murderer anders breivik.

Philip K. And his client also shared the same right mindset. "They were brothers in spirit", have have have have have have have have have have have. Philipp K. Grubte with "heil hitler, had whose inflammatory "mein kampf" (my fight) on the hard drive, and his photo was in a picture of the "driver" mounted. The schoolboy, S. Painted swastikas and used the same justification formula. However, the clearly right-wing extremist views of the weapons supplier were irrelevant in the sentencing, says judge zimmer.

Open questions

He rejects conspiracy theories that v-people were being covered up and mistakes were being covered up: "every leaf has been turned over – no question has been left unanswered." 37 witnesses have been questioned, six experts heard. The background had been clarified more than was necessary to reach a verdict.

For the victims' relatives, who repeatedly had to struggle with tears during the meetings, unanswered questions remain. A representative of the plaintiff's side has already announced that an appeal will be lodged. The federal court of justice will have the final say in the case.

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