Kronach soccer fans: symbols of passion

Kronach soccer fans: symbols of passion

They go through thick and thin with their clubs for life. But for some fubball fans, expressing their passion with jerseys and scarves is not enough.

Your love is reflected in very special objects and their history

Tell them on infranken.

Reinhardt munch (1. FC koln): the geibbock friend

The day after promotion to the 1. Bundesliga sits reinhardt munch on the sofa. He wears a jogging suit of his 1. FC koln. Late at night he came back to weibenbrunn from furth. He witnessed the 4-0 victory of koln against spvgg live in the stadium, like so many others in his life. "We normally attend two to three home games and four to five away games during the season", says munch. On saturday, it’s back to koln for the game against jahn regensburg. Earlier he was rather a sympathizer of the 1. FC nurnberg. But when the FC dispatched the club 4-0 in the 1962 german championship final, he was enthusiastic about the rheinlanders.

Love for the "effzeh has not been extinguished to this day. In a folder he has neatly filed numerous memories: newspaper clippings from FC games, reports and photos about his fan club. The geibbockfreunde weibenbrunn has been in existence since 2008. Munch was chairman of the 116-member club for ten years. And as befits a true fan of the geibbock, he is also the proud owner of two geibbocks. Don hennes II. And willi heiben the two zwerggeibbocke that live in a stable not far from his home. Nine years ago, the granddaughter of his lifelong companion, gisela muller, took a vacation on a farm in the allgau region of germany. Coincidentally, a goat was breeding there and the farmer gave her granddaughter one of the animals as a gift.

A few weeks later, his granddaughter picked up willi and placed him in munch’s care. In the meantime, the danger to life and her daughter with don hennes I. A second bock for munch’s 61. Birthday, because one alone feels quite lonely. After hennes I. Already deceased, now hold his successor hennes II. From lower franconia and willi the family and the village on the trot. At carnival and kirchweih parades as well as barbecues of the fan club, the bocke are always there, often suitably dressed in FC clothing.

Jorg nebatz (borussia monchengladbach): the day of the chestnut tree

For 26 years, jorg nebatz has kept a poster of a special soccer game. In the cupboard of the fan of borussia monchengladbach it has survived the time amazingly well. Only four small holes at the corners testify to the fact that the poster once hung on a room wall of the now 49-year-old kleintettauer. As the "day of the chestnut this cup match of 1993 went down in the history of the borussia fans, at the DFB they talk about the "longest DFB cup match of all times". In the second round, gladbach and karlsruher SC met on the bokelberg. KSC was leading 2-0 at the break and had to make two changes due to injuries.

Then jens nowotny got injured and karlsruhe had to play with less players – according to the rules of the time. In the 47. The chestnut came into play in the 11th minute: it flew from the stands in the direction of KSC keeper oliver kahn and hit him on the head. The latter was able to continue playing, but was sent off shortly before the end of the match after an emergency stop. The "foals" were equal against nine karlsruher players we were able to equalize 3:3 shortly before the end and won 5:3 in the final period. But the KSC lodged a protest because of the chestnut throwing. After a marathon negotiation, the match was replayed in dussleldorf. Jorg nebatz decided to travel to the rhineland with a friend for this game. Before the game, he met the then coach of fortuna dusseldorf, aleksandar risctic. His team was training on a field next to the stadium. "He yelled at his players and then turned to us and chatted normally", says nebatz. At the box office at the entrance to the stadium, he then discovered the poster for that cup match and took it home with him. "I had a premonition that the game could be something special", says the chairman of the fan club gladbach-fans frankenwald. "There was little action at first, but shortly before the start so many fans flooded into the stadium that the gates had to be opened.

The atmosphere was fantastic and then thomas kastenmaier scored the decisive 1:0 goal for us shortly before the end. Some games you forget quickly, but such an extraordinary one stays in your head." 25 years later the poster took on an even greater significance for nebatz. The picture shows the then borussia player karlheinz pflipsen. The "weisweiler elf" were invited to the fan club jubilee 2018, the traditional gladbach team, in the frankenwald. Also present was pflipsen, who immortalized himself with an autograph on the poster and was happy about the memory of this memorable game.

Frank muller (FC bayern munich): the emperor’s bottle of wine

When frank muller talks about his FC bayern munchen, he quickly gets into the black. Since 2001, the native of kronach has been chairman of the fan club association of upper franconia. During this time, one event in particular has remained in his memory.

For the tenth anniversary of the 2006 summer marathon, he was invited to an event in the allianz arena’s world of experience. As it is appropriate for such an event, there was also plenty of celebrities represented. From the leadership of the bavarian soccer team to politicians like gerhard schroder, edmund stoiber or joachim herrmann. But there was one in particular who was in the spotlight: franz beckenbauer. "It was, so to speak, a tribute to beckenbauer’s "merits", says muller. The "emperor – then suffering from heart surgery and suspected corruption in connection with the awarding of the world cup, he talked about his experiences at a talk show. For muller especially fascinating: "this calm and serenity. Everything very easy and relaxed."

After the talk beckenbauer also took time for the guests. This is how muller finally got his photo with the 1974 world champion. "I met him for the first time in 1996. At that time I had such awe that I did not ask him for a photo", muller, who now lives in regenstauf, recalls.

Before that, he made the acquaintance of another prominent person. "Suddenly thomas gottschalk was standing at a table and i asked him in my kronach dialect if there was still room at the table." To muller’s surprise, the man from kulmbach replied: "well, you’re a kronich, aren’t you?!" And immediately the two had an elaborate conversation, which gottschalk did not even want to interrupt for a journalist.

As a souvenir of this unforgettable evening, the member of the bayernfanclub neukenroth ’67 received a special bottle of wine: franz beckenbauer libero number 5, it is written on the label and comes from the wine-growing region of the "kaiser in sud africa. "The bottle is still unopened", says muller, who prefers to wait for a very special event.

Dominic buckreus (1. FC nurnberg): the dead bird

Although I have to remain objective as a sports editor, I am also a fan. Even before i came to french day in 2016, i was a follower of the 1. FC nurnberg. In all my years as a club fan, I, like many others, kept the tickets to the games I attended. A ticket from a cup quarterfinal against hannover 96 is therefore initially nothing special. For me, however, it symbolizes two beautiful memories at the same time. On that cold tuesday evening at the end of february 2007, i was able to celebrate the unexpected entry into the semifinals with my club. After 120 scoreless minutes, the game went to penalty kicks and the substitute goalkeeper daniel klewer, who had been substituted shortly before, became a penalty killer. A few weeks later, the FCN won the cup, its first title in 39 years.

On the other hand, i was able to celebrate my first club victory live in the stadium that evening – after eleven years and 15 attempts. Whether in the frankenstadion at home or on trips to the sidelines, a curse has accompanied me for years. "You put the dead bird in your pocket. We won’t take you with us", I was often told jokingly by the family. I put it in my pocket for the first time on the 20th game. April 1996 in dreary second league times during the 0:1 home defeat against vfl bochum.

Also at the next two attempts against furth and dusseldorf I went home without cheering (both 0:1). At least I got to see the first goals for my team on my fourth visit to the stadium on the last matchday of the 1998/99 season against energie cottbus (3:3), and the ensuing storm for promotion was enough of an apology for the three defeats before that. At that time, i could not have imagined that it would take another eight years before the first jubilation of victory would be heard. By the way: until the first success in the regular season it took another three games. At the 2:1 home victory on the first second league matchday after relegation in 2008, it finally happened.

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