Kulmbach: two young men have long fingers out of boredom

Kulmbach: two young men have long fingers out of boredom

Shortly before christmas, two young men in kulmbach caused a lot of trouble. Out of sheer boredom, they went on a "raid" in the city center and damaged several cars. Now the two, a 19-year-old from hof and an 18-year-old who has since moved to the district of pfaffenhofen, had to answer to the court.

On the night of december 20, the two accused. December the emblems of about a dozen cars were removed within a few hours. The brand did not matter to them, the procedure was always the same.

License plate sunk

The 18-year-old donated light with his smartphone, the 19-year-old levered the brand emblems out of their holders. Many vehicles were scratched in the process. However, the raid was not over yet. In the night of 23. December, the two defendants unscrewed the license plates of an audi A4 and sank them in the flood basin. They also bent the windshield wiper and scratched the entire right side of the car. The reason for this behavior, which resulted in damage of 3,000 euros, was apparently a dispute between the 18-year-old and the owner of the audi.

The vandal procession through kulmbach continued on the night before christmas eve. The youngsters kicked six fence slats in the blue.

Wrong emergency call

On the first holiday they sprayed fire extinguishers in the shopping center parking garage out of boredom and damaged window panes and light pipes in the process. They do not love even when they were threatened with expulsion. Last stop was the parking garage basteigasse. There the 19-year-old called 911 and set off a false alarm.

When prosecutor holger gebhardt confronted the two young men with the deeds, they admitted everything. "This was a huge stupidity. That was not right", said the 19-year-old. His behavior in court, however, left much to be desired. There was no contact with the youth welfare office or with the public defender andreas piel prior to the hearing. He also appeared at the court hearing one hour late.

Judge christoph berner had already separated the proceedings against the two n at this point. When the 19-year-old did appear, the public defender was ordered to return, and the proceedings had to be formally reconnected.

The 19-year-old was already on trial for four counts of theft, trespassing and menacing. Only in may he served a disobedience arrest, apparently with little success. For still 62 hours of community service are open. The court of offences therefore included the outstanding penalty in the sentence.

Three years of preservation

The 19-year-old received a juvenile sentence of one year, suspended for three years for probation. In addition, he must accept any job that the employment agency places him in and must report to a preservation worker. In addition, he must perform 200 hours of community service.
The verdict against the 18-year-old was more lenient. "This was a youth blodsinn. I regret that I have built disc", he said. He got away with three weeks of permanent arrest and 150 hours of community service.


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