Loch defeats curse from konigssee

Loch defeats curse from konigssee

"That’s just super. It could not have gone better. For me it was very important to finally win at home," enthused the olympic luge champion after his triumph in the snow roulette on his home track.

With his third success of the season, the 22-year-old not only ensured the first victory of the german manner in konigssee in ten years, but also crowned the almost perfect performance of the german skating aces. In addition to loch, tatjana hufner and the doubles’ team of tobias wendl and tobias arlt had underlined their claims for the home world championships in five weeks’ time. In the team relay alone, the germans had to give way to the italians.

"It was very, very difficult," the berchtesgadener confessed, referring to the snow race. On his way to the first german victory since georg hackl in december 2001, the two-time world champion defied the borderline conditions and set the best time in the first run. Veteran armin zoggeler from italy attacked again in the second run. Loch didn’t let the 38-year-old’s attack rattle him and claimed his seventh world cup win. Third place went to loch’s teammate johannes ludwig.

With his third victory in the fourth world cup race, loch also extended his overall lead. "I think felix will not let this be taken away from him", said zoggeler. National coach norbert loch praised his filius: "he is mentally very, very strong. Maybe it’s because he’s been in a relationship for a year and is in steady hands."

The doubles wendl/arlt are getting in better and better shape. The bavarian express held austrian olympic champions andreas and wolfgang linger in check and made the third victory in a row on his home track perfect. "It’s always particularly difficult for us at konigssee. Of course, people always expect the best," explained arlt. Now all concentration is on the season’s climax. "The world cup at home pays more for us than the entire world cup," said arlt.

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