Online car-sharing agency blablacar launches in germany

This is the tenth country in which the company, founded in france in 2006, is active, managing director olivier bremer told the dpa news agency.

Blablacar also wanted to benefit from the decision of the german market driver mitfahrgelegenheit.De profit to charge an agency fee. "It would be a shame for the idea of the carpooling service if people only used long-distance buses in the future because of it," bremer said.

Blablacar now wants to build a community in germany that connects drivers and riders so that people with the same interests can get together for shared rides. The name of the provider is an allusion to the language in the vehicle: the users indicate whether they are rather taciturn or talkative.

"We want to enter this market a little fresher," said bremer. Blablacar has three million users, who have so far offered rides with a total distance of more than two billion kilometers.

The supplier is the market leader everywhere in the nine european countries so far. Blablacar generates revenue from online advertising and through partnership agreements with about 200 companies so far, for which special concepts are being developed, including carrefour and ikea.

In germany, in addition to carpooling.De and carpooling.De also the austrian company drive2day uber das internet die vermittlung von mitfahrgelegenheiten an.

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