Philippines: deadly dispute at corona checkpoint

Philippines: deadly dispute at corona checkpoint

The 63-year-old reacted aggressively in the town of nasipit in the south of the island nation when told to wear a face mask and attacked personnel with a sense, a police report said saturday. A police officer who tried to calm the man, who was apparently intoxicated, killed him.

President rodrigo duterte had said on wednesday that he was ordering the police and the military to push on anyone who made trouble. On friday, he defended this stance in a televised address. The public must recognize the seriousness of the situation, because anyone can fall ill with coronavirus, he said.

The main island of the philippines, luzon, has been in a state of emergency for 16 years. Marz is under a curfew, only the most urgent trips to the supermarket or to work are allowed. Many other provinces have imposed their own restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus. According to health authorities, nearly 3100 people nationwide have been infected with sars-cov-2, which can cause the lung disease covid-19. 144 people died.

"Without these restrictions, this will never end," duterte continued in the TV address. "So if you don’t want to follow, i will finish you off to protect the lives of the innocent who don’t want to die."The human rights organization amnesty international criticized that autocratic politicians like duterte are currently using the corona pandemic worldwide "to further suppress criticism and dissent."

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