Scientists demonstrate worldwide for free research

Scientists demonstrate worldwide for free research

Thousands of people marched for the freedom of science in many parts of the world on saturday in the second "march for science". Demonstrations were held in more than 230 cities, including washington, sydney, frankfurt, koln and other german cities.

With the worldwide action, scientists stood up for the freedom of research and the recognition of scientific knowledge.

The first "march for science" last year was triggered by anti-science riots and the acceptance of donald trump’s administration in the u.S. The U.S. President had, among other things, called global warming a hoax and announced strong shortcuts for research institutions. At that time 1.3 million people worldwide went on the streets.

Now thousands gathered in washington with slogans like "science not silence" and "facts matter. Police and organizers initially did not disclose the exact number of participants. "We will not be silent," said physician and activist leana wen, health commissioner for the city of baltimore, at the rally. The fight against climate change deniers and doubters of scientific facts continues.

In germany, however, the turnout was in part lower than expected. In koln and munster, a total of more than 1,000 demonstrators took part. Science journalist ranga yogeshwar shouted to them in poland: "fight the fear with the facts."In frankfurt am main, about 500 people took part, according to police reports. The organizers spoke of around 700. 2000 had been expected.

That’s how many there were supposed to be in munich, too. According to the police, however, the crowd remained at around 300. Mainly young people paraded through the city center with signs saying things like "knowledge creates the future. There were a similar number of people in stuttgart. In lower saxony, around 1000 people took part.

At a rally in dresden, saxony’s science minister eva-maria stange called on the scientific community to take a more vigorous stance against the misuse of research results and "fake news" itself. Science must not be misused to promote political populism by manipulating its results, said the SPD politician.

Protest marches had been planned in a total of 14 german cities – including kassel, koblenz, saarbrucken and trier. However, according to the police, only a handful of people took part in some of the games.

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