Team unity is the secret of neuenmarkt’s success

team unity is the secret of neuenmarkt's success

FC neuenmarkt started the season as a promoted team in the fourth division – and was ranked first at the end of the season. After the second promotion in a row, the FC will now start in the district league in the coming season.

"Last year’s championship was even more emotional because the club and the team had waited longer for the championship and promotion", says FC player-coach florian schlegel. "For me, however, the current championship is to be rated higher, because we have always marched ahead as a promoted team in a higher class. Since the age of 16. We were in first place on the first day of the season – and you have to deal with that pressure first." The decisive factor for the success was the team unity: "this camaraderie cannot be described. You can add quality, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be champions. There is simply something that has grown together, which accounts for this success."

What also worked well was the interplay of defense and offense. The final goal ratio of 77:25 confirms an old football wisdom: the defense wins championships, the offense wins games. It was a season in which many things simply fitted together. But the start was not particularly promising: at 2:2 against championship favorite TSV 08 kulmbach, neuenmarkt gave away a 2:0 lead in the closing minutes. In the following game in marktleugast, the team lost 1:2. The young eleven learned from their mistakes and adapted quickly and successfully to the new league.

A key figure is captain christian fischer, who as a young player is already taking responsibility not only on the field but also on the club committee. Ex-neudrossenfeld player andre haack, who joined the team during the winter break, also proved to be a stroke of luck. "We will also discuss different names together for the new season, but the collective must not be damaged in any case", says schlegel. "We are doing quite well with captain christian fischer, his deputy fabian bauerschmidt, markus kraus and head of department frank wiemann, and we must continue in this direction."

Wiemann is the calming influence between the two "fubball crazy" people florian schlegel and markus kraus. "We didn’t get florian for nothing a year ago – and we weren’t disappointed, says wiemann. "It was not our first request to flo. The collaboration with him is simply brilliant." This is also confirmed by FC chairman dieter muhlbauer: "to be successful, you need a man who leads the way. With flo, we have a coach who is a great fit for the team." He also praised the other "fubballverruckten" in the ranks of the FC, who played their part in the renewed ascent. And then the extensive celebrations started: first schlegel and muhlbauer had to endure beer showers. With tractor and decorated wagons the team then moved through the railroad village. "The celebrations will probably last until our church fair", fischer set the agenda. The promotion party will then end after a joint team vacation in mallorca.

But schlegel is already looking ahead to the coming season: "some people are saying that the district league is bad because, with the exception of us, FC kupferberg and maybe vfb kulmbach, it is only made up of clubs from bayreuth. Nevertheless, I think that the other teams would like to change places with us. We want to keep the kulmbach flag flying high and are ready for the district league."

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