Thomas gottschalk is 70

Thomas gottschalk is 70

Welcome to my birthday party": on monday night, entertainer thomas gottschalk performed live in his 70. Birthday party – together with surprise guests like gunther jauch, barbara schoneberger, katharina witt and a golden shower of confetti.

"It’s all a u50 party," said gottschalk at the beginning of the show. "We must console ourselves with the fact that this will be a nostalgic event after all."But: "there is only one possibility, not to become 70."

"By a safe margin, but certainly full on the zwolf," ZDF announced the party in corona times. But it was visibly difficult for the participants to keep their distance – especially during the toast with champagne at midnight.

From rolando villazon and schoneberger there was a stand – and gifts there were also. In response to his question, the feminist alice schwarzer confirmed that he was not a sexist: "I have never seen you be sexist – your humor will protect you from that."And otto waalkes loved to send him a drawing showing gottschalk, otto, udo lindenberg and an otto – like the beatles once did – walking across the abbey-road zebra stripes. Cher congratulated her "friend and neighbor" by video message, as did lionel richie. 2.56 million viewers (12.8 percent) celebrated on their home screen.

Representing the somewhat younger generation, whose childhood had been shaped by gottschalk, were presenters joko winterscheidt and klaas heufer-umlauf – who shared memories of this childhood: "when no one had time and "wetten, dass" was on..?"They still went bowling," heufer-umlauf said of his parents. You just knew the kids weren’t going anywhere while the show was on. Heufer-umlauf emphasized that he had greatly admired gottschalk in his childhood and youth. "I couldn’t imagine that you were a real person. This is still hard to understand for me today."

But there was also sad news that evening: a long-planned revival of "wetten, dass" had to be cancelled..?" This november there will not be. The special broadcast is to be postponed by one year to 2021 because of the corona pandemic. ""Bet that..?" Can’t be an emergency edition, it has to be a party and it has to be a nostalgia party," said gottschalk. And that would not be possible if guests and public had to wear masks, for example, because of the corona pandemic. "Let’s make it november 21. I’ll hang on – even if you carry me in."

"End legend" said gottschalk pretty much at the end and finally dismissed his viewers with a perspective: "now would be the chance to say: that’s it. But i don’t use it."He announced: "to the 80. See you again."

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