Three more arrests after boston attack

Three more arrests after boston attack

Two men from kazakhstan are accused of taking evidence from the younger brother’s room three days after the attack at the marathon. The third, an american, is alleged to have made false statements to investigators. But they are not accused of any direct involvement in the crime.

In the attack on 15. April, three people were killed and well over 200 injured. Dzhokhar was captured a few days after the attack, seriously injured, and is in custody. His older brother tamerlan was shot dead in a police chase. Both have roots in chechnya. U.S. President barack obama had warned of the attack as a single act of extremism – they are particularly hard to catch.

The arrested, all three are 19 years old, were in the hands of the federal police FBI, it was reported in U.S. Media. They were to be brought before the magistrate on wednesday (local time). The two kazakhs allegedly removed a laptop and a backpack containing fireworks from dzhokhar tsarnaev’s room. They could face up to five years in prison. American man allegedly lied to investigators, for which maximum prison sentence of eight years could be imposed.

After the further arrests, boston police tried to reassure the public. There is no danger, she announced on twitter.

According to previous investigations, the two brothers acted alone, without direct contact with islamist terrorist groups. Obama had last called on tuesday for vigilance against single extremist acts. Attacks by "self-radicalized individuals" already living in the U.S. Are "more difficult to prevent," obama said in washington. His government’s anti-terrorism campaign has so far focused primarily on well-funded and well-equipped networks such as al-qaeda.

In the case of the two terror suspects from boston, the brother tsarnaev, he sees so far no mistakes of the security authorities, said obama. A review is currently underway to determine whether earlier intelligence reports from russia were acted upon correctly. But this was a normal procedure.

According to U.S. Media reports, the federal bureau of investigation (FBI) and the central intelligence agency (CIA) had been targeting the elder brother since 2011, according to intelligence from russia. The name had even been on terror lists. Yet he was able to move freely.

Meanwhile, FBI agents interviewed the widow of slain tamerlan tsarnaev. The woman was questioned for 90 minutes at her parents’ home in rhode island, investigator jason pack told the "washington post". According to the "new york times", it will be investigated whether the woman – knowingly or not – could have destroyed evidence or could have caused the attack of 15. April even planned. Woman denies any involvement in crime, according to her lawyer amato deluca.

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