And not a word from schulz

And not a word from schulz

You had to wait a good three hours to get a straight answer from thomas silberhorn, member of the bundestag, on why he was so interested in development aid on the 24th. September CSU should be elected. The somewhat different election campaign event, which was held in the parish hall of st. Anna in bamberg was invited to the event, which all too quickly fell into the usual rut: the main protagonist gave an introductory statement, but only once?) for 40 minutes, and in doing so, he immediately addressed a number of local hot topics. After all, silberhorn took two hours to answer questions from the audience of about 40 people.

For trust in authorities

There it was, as hardly to be expected otherwise in bamberg-east, once again about the conversion of the former u.S. Site and about the tiresome migration problems. Silberhorn appealed for trust in the responsible authorities and a little patience in dismantling the old asylum applications. The arrival and return facility in bamberg serves as a model for efficiency in dealing with the current migration problem throughout germany.

The discussion quickly moved between the low points of bamberg’s local politics and the sometimes questionable financial practices of the new york-based un. With regard to specific bamberg or other municipal matters, the parliamentary secretary of state of the federal minister for economic cooperation and development aid, who is based in hirschaid, recommended himself as a well-connected mediator between berlin and munich. And getting the united nations to be more effective is not the primary task of a french federal politician, but it is one of the most important things in the world.

But silberhorn gave eloquent testimony to his competence in development aid for africa. On the neighboring continent, the education demand and the regional value creation strong, he pays to the promising mabnahmen. It is essential to commit oneself to africa, also in view of the refugee movements of young people, silberhorn said. He resolutely countered the argument that the federal government was allowing arms exports to crisis regions and thus encouraging migration.

Only in exceptional cases

Silberhorn assured that only exceptionally arms deliveries to the kurds for the fight against IS had been allowed. Germany has the most restrictive regulations of all countries for arms exports, but cannot, for example, prevent krauss-maffei from selling leopard tanks from its production site in spain.

Before the excursion into global politics became too confusing, it was cut short. There are also conflicts in this country, such as the construction of new power lines. Silberhorn is not convinced of their necessity. There must have been a huge amount of capacity freed up as nuclear power plants were gradually shut down, he speculates. The price hikes in the electricity sector are obviously causing the deputy some grief.

Why vote CSU?

At the end, event manager gabriele seidl, CSU local chairwoman for bamberg-east, took heart in asking the candidate in the bamberg-forchheim electoral district: why CSU elections?? – and please concentrate on five points. Silberhorn cited the solid handling of state revenues by the union-led government as the first advantage. In addition, the CSU is creating space for creativity and innovation, also for small and medium-sized enterprises, farmers and craftsmen, and inventive engineers.

The CSU is committed to social balance without setting social groups against each other. And in the interest of a successful future, the CSU is concerned with improving the infrastructure, for example, with efficient traffic routes, digital supply for the entire state or better financial resources for public budgets, in order to be able to cope with the diverse tasks.

No vote for the afd

After all, the CSU believes that germany is doing well and bavaria is doing even better. This should not change after the election, said silberhorn to his listeners on the way home. And he added another request: just don’t lose a vote to the afd! The afd will not be able to implement any of its program, because no party in the bundestag will cooperate with it, announced silberhorn. He didn’t say a word about a certain martin schulz, by the way.

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