Ba-chef calls for hartz iv reform

Ba-chef calls for hartz iv reform

This is what scheele told the "rheinische post. There should also be uniform rules for the imputation of assets. "This was going to make our job a lot easier and less money had to be shifted into the administrative budget," said scheele.

Scheele reminded the audience that the benefit is actually called basic security. "That’s exactly it: it’s the last safeguard that the state provides when someone can no longer help themselves."

Federal labor minister hubertus heil (SPD), meanwhile, wants to "detoxify" the debate about hartz IV, in his own words. "Both are wrong: both the occasional claim that all long-term unemployed people are lazy, which is still made, and the position that duties to cooperate violate human dignity," heil told the "berliner zeitung" newspaper. There will also be sanctions in the future. However, he advocated two changes. "The fact that the cost of housing is used for sanctions, unsettles many in times when housing is scarce. We shouldn’t do that," said heil. He also considers the tightened sanctions against young people to be wrong.

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