Bread for a new classroom

Bread for a new classroom

For several years now, weisendorf schoolchildren have been helping needy children in the indian region of zubza in nagaland. What began with a pen pal relationship initiated by religion teacher ernst klimek has since grown into numerous fundraising campaigns. According to a press release, the schoolchildren, who call themselves zubzas, now want to finance a new classroom at the school in zubza. In the family service of the parish of st. Josef, who supported them, they first reported on the current situation in india.

Too far away from school
There is a high infant mortality rate, and 45 percent of children between the ages of six and 14, especially girls, do not attend school. Eleven million children live on the streets. Many children live too far from school and their parents cannot afford to pay for their accommodation.
And yet there is a chance for the children and pen pals in nagaland, he says. The don bosco school there continues to accept children when their parents cannot afford to pay a contribution due to their low and often irregular income of 20 euros a month. However, since up to 60 children attend classes in the classrooms, the zubzas want to help finance another urgently needed classroom this year. The school receives hardly any state support.
"We are always coming up with new and interesting activities for our pen pals, including the 725th anniversary of weisendorf. You will be amazed", ten-year-old lena made a promise to the church service visitors. The children's rights team, which now also operates as a terre des hommes action group, hopes that as many citizens as possible will participate in the new aid project by donating to the classroom.

100 solid breads sold
For the kick-off, the zubzas and their teacher hanne bohringer had come up with a culinary incentive: slices of bread with a delicious spread. After the blessing by pastor lars rebhan, these and 100 loaves of solid bread "sold like hot cakes", ten-year-old laura was delighted. By making a donation, the children of nagaland can grow up in a loving and respectful environment and later become advocates for themselves, their families and their village community, the schools advertised. And 100 percent of the aid arrives in zubza.
In october 2014, the parish of st. Josef with pastor lars rebhan a visit to the partner parish and a trip to zubza. Perhaps then the ceremonial inauguration and blessing of the new classroom can already take place. In addition, the pediatrician renata lysy will report on friday, april 19, at 4 p.M. In the weekenau. April, at 4 p.M. In the weisendorf town hall hall about her visit to zubza. On 16. On may 25, the zubzas present the already completed aid projects and the classroom project in nagaland to the state parliament, parliament and deputies in munich.

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