Castle meeting attracts many segnitzers to the schutzenhaus

Castle meeting attracts many segnitzers to the schutzenhaus

For the last time in her term of office, marlene bauer, the mayor of segnitz, held her annual meeting last thursday evening at the schutzenhaus. Around 70 of the 800 or so residents accepted bauer’s invitation, who is no longer running in the local elections in march for reasons of age.

First of all, the citizens were informed in detail about the figures of the municipality from the previous year. The high level of debt compared to previous years was particularly noticeable here, but this can be explained by the village renewal, which was realized in 2019. At the same time as the pavement was renewed, the water connections and gas pipes were also renewed. And after consultation with the adjacent house owners, fiber optic cable was laid for faster internet access. During the excavations for this, parts of the old city wall were found.

Some streets, such as bruckengasse, are so narrow that no rough machines could be used there and much of the work had to be done by hand, which drove up the costs. According to bauer, the municipality wanted to rehabilitate further sections of the road, but this came at too high a cost and must now be done in the following years.

Silver lime trees were planted on mainstrabe after completion of the parking lots. Furthermore, as many parking spaces as possible have been created in the village. The traffic-calmed zone that now runs through the town has made it considerably quieter, which also pleases the residents, as the mayor explained.

A second rough project was nearly completed in 2019: the village community center. In the future, meetings and lectures will be held here, and the citizens will be able to rent the rooms. The only thing that still needs to be finished is the kitchen. The aubenanlagen will be planted in february. These two major projects were documented with numerous pictures.

According to the mayor of segnitz, the connection between segnitz and sulzfeld is not yet ready because of the new cultural trail, which was opened on 1 january 2009. May 2019 was inaugurated, became more intense. Now the only thing missing is a good connecting road between the two communities. But to get a permit for the rehabilitation of the state road 2270 was more and more hopeless. At the moment, the population of the dormouse must be checked.

Finally, the mayor looked ahead: this year, in addition to the municipal elections, a partial renovation of the village archives is planned, which needs more space. In addition, as part of the renewal of the village, fountains are to be built and the road through the village is to be greened.

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