Constitutional protection has reichsburgers in its sights

constitutional protection has reichsburgers in its sights

3250 bavaria's interior minister joachim herrmann (CSU) attributes the reichsburg scene to which, according to a press release from his ministry, he wants "consistent action by the authorities" gives away. According to the district administration, there are around 20 of these people in the habberge district who invoke obscure legal norms that date back to the time of the emperor and the empire.

Two of them have already received several visits from the police in their home town in the main valley, and one of them in ebern (soon to be 49 years old) receives many visits every weekend from like-minded people from neighboring counties, but especially from eastern federal states, as eyewitnesses describe.

"The man is known as an activist of the reichsburg scene. His home address is advertised on the internet as the location of a number of pubs and bars. Repeatedly, seminars with a reichsburg connection took place there, u.A. Of the association "naturlichtenergie e.V." Or. An event with an austrian reichsburger performing as freeman austria", was learned at the constitutional protection in munich.

According to government director markus schafert of the state office for the protection of the constitution, his address was also found in the imprint of a so-called election notification for the "state seal rights and administrator election", which was selectively distributed in the electoral district of bad kissingen in the run-up to the federal election, about which frankischer tag reported extensively and topically at the time.

Appearance of "freeman austria

It called for participation in a "referendum on the rights of the seal" and a "vestigial election, linked to historical distortion motivated by reichsburg ideology, according to the interpretation of the constitutional protectors.

Until now, the kulmbach area was considered one of the conspiratorial cells of the reichsburg movement in northern bavaria. 67 residents of the district were counted in the district office of kulmbach to this group, nine of them had a gun permit, which is now "due to lack of reliability", according to the responsible jurist, were withdrawn.

The notices were immediately enforced, but one person is appealing against them before the administrative court of bayreuth. There, a decision is not expected for months, as they are overburdened by many asylum procedures. "There is no urgency once the danger has been averted", said a court spokeswoman

"there are still people in the district of kulmbach whom we classify as belonging to the 'reichsburg' and 'self-governing' scene. This scene is under our observation as a security-threatening endeavor as a whole", said markus schafert from the press office of the state office for the protection of the constitution in munich.

Observation or V people?

As to whether "reichsburger" are observed or whether V-men are used, schafert said nothing. "According to the principle of proportionality we can use intelligence means. Data is collected and stored, he explained.

According to interior minister herrmann, who recently visited ebern on another matter, "the state office for the protection of the constitution is keeping a close eye on the scene, and all authorities and municipalities are to report their findings to the police, in order to obtain a more precise picture of the rough, networked and ideological orientation of these reichsburgers".

Lawyers in the dark

How this ideological orientation looks like, is not so clear, even legal scholars think, who deal with the strange and pseudo-legal letters of the reichsburger, which for example also the ebern activist sends under his name, even if the author is to be assigned to the region chemnitz.

The ebern activist comes from a habberg community in the main valley and arrived via the "holy lands" to the house of an insolvent estate to ebern.

There, together with family members, he has set up a (camouflage) association-?)company registered, which points to solar activities: naturlichtergie e.V., which since january 2013 appears as such in the register of associations of the district court of bamberg, but also in right-wing forums on the internet. Also registered with the registry court as board members are: the wife (59), married in ebern in 2014, and the stepdaughter (26).

As a self-appointed trustee, the eberner is brazenly sending out "advertising". Quote: "you know my will to connect with you."

A friendly tone that doesn't fit with other passages, as he has sent registered letters with a reference to "invading his sovereign territory" (by letter carrier) acknowledges and also does not accept mailings. On the other hand, the master sends out registered letters with all kinds of additional paragraphs on the envelope.

Prosecutor: fantasy construct

The general public prosecutor's office in bamberg assesses these statements as a complaint authority for criminal charges as follows: "for any uninvolved third party, it is easy to recognize that this is a purely imaginary construct of the author." The judiciary takes the issue less seriously than the minister of the interior as a representative of the executive power. The demands, which the reichsburger from ebern, as a trustee, makes on the basis of his confused legal understanding against people who are critical of his cause, he puts at 450 reichsmark from stand 31. July 1914, which he calculates to be worth 2.43 million euros over five fine ounces of gold .

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