Crooked thing, screwed up debate

Crooked thing, screwed up debate

It’s just stupid when blurred and then factual errors creep into the discussion, but are passed on: be it in media reporting or in the exchange of blows between the parties. It’s even sillier when representatives of the political caste, who should have known better, toot the same horn.

Example: edmund stoiber and the widely reported cucumber crumbs. During his visit to kulmbach, a man who regularly worked as a top official in brussels for seven years referred to this corpus delicti as proof that the EU, which is hated by many, intervenes in the furthest corners of daily life, and does so – he agrees with the critics – in a patronizing manner.

Blob: the "cucumber crumbs" paragraph is no good for exactly that! The truth is: yes, the forerunner of the eu, the european community, had regulated the degree of curvature for cucumbers, among other things, in a five-page ordinance in 1988. On ten centimeters long there may be a deviation from the straight line of a maximum of ten millimeters. But the truth is also: the impetus for this came – precisely: from trade. The wanted to have bindingly regulated, how many cucumbers can be placed in a standardized unit box. Goods with standard weight and coarseness are easier to pack/transport.

When the EU finally overturned the regulation in 2009 (yes, dear people, it has officially long since ceased to exist)!), who did not want to know about it? Exactly: the trade. But not only the. The farmers’ association, which had gone on the barricades when the regulation came into force and saw the threat of death for its products, advocated retaining the standards.

And so lives the ordinance nr. 1677/88: as an undead cardboard corpse, about which ammenmarchen circulate. The cucumber is crooked again, only this time in pain…

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