Daycare places: place for every third child

Daycare places: place for every third child

Everyone is talking about it: nationwide, there are not enough daycare places in daycare centers to meet the needs of all those who will have a legal right to one from august 2013. From this point on, children under the age of three will also be able to go to a daycare center if their parents or legal guardians want them to. Is there also a shortage in the bad kissingen area?? It turned out that the municipalities of the region do not expect a wave of lawsuits.

Where family planning is still lacking
According to article 5 of the bavarian child education and care act, the municipalities are to ensure that the necessary daycare places are available. It's not that simple. Because there are often difficulties in planning the demand for places for children under the age of three, says thomas duda from the youth welfare office at the district administration office. Parents did not yet have any idea of their family planning, and children who actually had to be registered have not even been born yet. And it is still unclear who will claim childcare allowance.

When kindergarten questionnaires are handed out to determine need, the response rate is usually only 25 to 30 percent, which is not very informative. The need for daycare was usually determined using the average number of births and a formula for calculating the number of children under one. According to the study, five percent of children up to one year of age will need care, about 25 percent of children between one and two years of age, and 50 percent of children between two and three years of age.

According to the current situation, 3507 children are currently being cared for in 72 kindergartens in the district of bad kissingen (schoolchildren from separate after-school care centers are not taken into account). Of these, about 20 percent, or 710 children, are between two and three years old. "More than the previous year (660).", female thomas duda. This number is expected to remain at about the same level for the next few years due to the number of births. This means that, measured in terms of the number of two- to three-year-olds, 43 percent of this age group is currently cared for in daycare facilities and daycare services.

Quota more than fulfilled
According to duda, the quota refers to the second and third year of life, because this gives a more accurate picture. For this age group, there is a legal entitlement to a daycare place as of august 2013. The smallest share is accounted for by children under one year of age. Bavaria-wide, only 2.1 percent of children under one year of age are cared for in daycare facilities and daycare centers.

"We're pretty good with our numbers, notes duda. The implementation of the childcare act calls for an average childcare coverage rate of 35 percent in 2013. That means that, in purely mathematical terms, a place must be created in a daycare center or with a childminder for about every third child under three years of age. "This has already been implemented in the district", says duda.

Even with a care rate of 43 percent, which is higher than the bavarian average, there are enough care places available in the municipalities and in the district as a whole, the expert concludes.

Day mother for difficult trap
And what happens when the daycare center of choice, where parents want to send their youngest, is fully booked?? The principle of "short legs, short ways" applies, but it is not a fixed one. Duda says the federal government has once again extended its program to create new daycare places, so that the expansion will continue. If necessary, they had to switch to a nearby daycare center.

If this is not enough, or if the childcare hours are not sufficient due to shift work, for example, there is the option of using a daycare provider. The youth welfare office is also the point of contact for this. The multigenerational house (ludwigstrabe 20). Daycare workers are trained and placed there. Daycare mothers and family companions are qualified. At present, the multigenerational house can count on more than 45 daycare. Family companions to be rescued.

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