Geiger: protest against china at olympics out of place

Geiger: protest against china at olympics out of place

It goes with the games from the 4. February is about sport and not politics, said the 28-year-old from oberstdorf in an interview with the "augsburger allgemeine" newspaper. The political issues had to be clarified when the contract was awarded to china.

"We active people cannot take the blame for what the politicians have failed to do. There is no doubt that there are things and developments in china that are questionable. But protesting against this is out of place at the olympics," said geiger. For the athletes it is about fair competitions and the fight between.

The USA has announced that it will not send any diplomatic or official representatives to the games in china. Australia, canada and great britain joined in. New zealand also does not want to send diplomatic representatives. "That is too easy for me. Either you try to do it better yourself, or you accept the award," said geiger.

For him, the anticipation of the games, which will be accompanied by strict corona precautionary measures, prevails. China has done everything possible to ensure that all sports are in good shape. "You can criticize the fact that china is not a winter sports nation. But you can also see it positively that winter sports are being made popular in china," explained geiger, who is also one of the favorites in the upcoming four hills tournament.

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