Hope for a smooth start

Hope for a smooth start

For the four-month phase of the opening of the educational swimming pool in ahorn, the municipality has found a strong regional partner as operator in the bad rodach thermal bath service company. The municipal council cleared the way for this in a closed session on tuesday evening.

Since the beginning of the week, children from nine kindergartens and schools in the region have had to pack their bathing suits. The educational swimming pool in ahorn is completed. The revelation is organized according to a phased plan. School swimming is on the agenda for the first 14 days, before the water rescue team can resume training and the adult education center can start its courses in the teaching pool.

Before the green light could be given, a whole series of legal requirements had to be met and the remaining work had to be completed. Security took precedence over speed, emphasizes mayor martin finzel. An educational swimming pool is very different from the garden pool at home. The community of ahorn is now grateful to have gained a strong partner for the opening phase in the thermal bath service company of bad rodach, which is one of the most experienced companies in the industry with several baths throughout the whole of germany. A europe-wide invitation to tender for prescribed services will take place in the next few months. As one hort, also the bad rodacher enterprise wants to participate in it. Gb

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